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2005 Fleetwood Questions and Answers

  • Brake Controller is Not Recognizing Trailer when Connected to Tow Vehicle
  • No the trailer does not have to have a battery in order for a brake controller to work. The first thing I recommend to determine the problem is to clean the vehicle and trailer side connectors. They should be clean and free of corrosion inside where the wires attach and outside on the pins. To test the brake controller you will need to sever the blue wire several inches from the back of the controller. Then use a circuit tester such as # ALL640595 to test the end of the blue wire coming...
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  • Cabinet Opening Size Required to Install Greystone Built-In 0.9-Cu-Ft Microwave Oven 324-000106
  • Greystone Built-in Microwave with Trim Kit # 324-000106 will require an opening size of no less than 13-1/2 H x 19-1/4 W x 15-inches D. The included trim piece measures 23-3/8 x 15. I went to our warehouse to measure this unit myself rather than rely on manufacturer specs.
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  • Replacement Wiper Blades for a 2005 Fleetwood Bounder37U
  • The correct wiper blades for your 2005 Fleetwood Bounder 37U is the ClearPlus Heavy Duty Windshield Wiper Blade part # CP77261. The wiper blades come with an adapter fitting that will replace the screw-in feature of your current blades.
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  • Replacement Baggage Door Latch for 2005 Fleetwood Discovery
  • Based on my research, it looks like the 10089649 lock on your Fleetwood Discovery RV features an outer housing that measures 4-1/2 inches x 5 inches, which does match the dimensions for the Lippert Components Baggage Door Latch Kit # LC317649 that you referenced. I have attached couple images with some additional measurements labeled so you can compare them to your existing latch to see if this will work nicely as a replacement.
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  • Grommet and Wiring Harness Needed to Install Optronics Clearance Light part # STL75AB
  • The grommet needed to install the Optronics Clearance light part # STL75AB is the part # A70GB. This will require you have a hole where you want to mount the light that matches the dimensions of the light basically. Or you can also install the mounting bracket part # BK70BB. This attaches to the bottom of a mounting surface. The install harness you'd need is the part # A45PB too.
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  • Ladder Rack Support Peg Recommendation for RV Ladders
  • Without knowing what brand ladder you have it's hard to say, but we do have the # SPN-416 for if you have a Surco ladder. Or if you have a Stromberg Ladder you'd want # 8531-B.
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  • Mounting Hole Dimensions of LED Trailer Backup Light # BUL11CBX
  • The three mounting holes of the LED Trailer Backup Light # BUL11CBX that you referenced are on a circle that measures 4-7/8 inches in diameter like what is seen in the picture I attached.
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  • Spare Tire Cover Recommendation for Tire Size 225/75R19.5
  • The 225/70R19.5 size has an overall diameter of exactly 32 inches which means you'd want a larger cover than the # B6103137. Instead we have the # RA773215 for black or part # RA773217 for a lighter brown.
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  • How to Wire Up Replacement 3-Speed Switch for Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent FVK1031-05
  • You can trace the connectors you have on your fan assembly to determine where they terminate in order to install the new switch # FVK1031-05. Why your old switch had only 2 of them connected I can't say unless it did not have all the functions that this switch controls. If looking at the back of the switch the single terminal on the left next to the spring is the power terminal. On the right side the upper terminal goes to the circuit board. And the lower right terminal goes to the fan...
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  • Recommended Tire Covers for 2005 Fleetwood Southwind RV with 19.5 Inch Rims
  • The tire covers we carry are categorized by the outer diameter of the tire. And you are correct that your wheels are 19.5 inches in diameter which means your tires are going to be more like 33 to 35 inches total and fit the Adco Ultra Tyre Gards, part # 290-3971 in black or # 290-3951 in white. These are great quality covers that use bungee-ball cords to keep them on the wheels.
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  • Replacement Slide-Out Motor Needed for a 2005 Fleetwood Prowler
  • If you currently have a Venture slide-out motor with an 18:1 gear ratio then yes, the Lippert Components 18:1 Venture Actuator Slide-Out Motor # LC132682 will work. If not I will need to know some more specifics on your current motor. Unfortunately manufacturers don't keep these details handy so you will need to physically see what you have. Attached is a link to our selection of slide-out motors that you can reference.
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  • No Brake or Turn Signal Lights Working on Trailer
  • I am assuming you tested the vehicle's 7-way trailer connector with a circuit tester like part # ALL640595. If this is the case and you indeed only received 1 volt on the brake light circuit while the vehicle's brake pedal was depressed, then it would appear that you have a short in the wire that leads from the vehicle's wiring harness to the 7-way trailer connector. You will need to trace this wire back to check for broken or loose connections. This same process will need to be done for...
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  • Replacement Wiper Blades for a 2005 Fleetwood Discovery
  • The correct replacement wiper blades I have shown for your 2005 Fleetwood Discovery are the ClearPlus 77 Series HD Windshield Wiper Blades part # CP77261. They come in a pair, one is for the passenger side and one is for the driver side. These will be a direct replacement for the factory wiper blades. They are all weather so they will be suitable for rain, sleet, and snow. They are also made specially for motorhomes.
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  • Ball Mount With 10" Drop for Tow Dolly
  • I believe you are asking about a ball mount with a 10" drop and I recommend checking out the Convert-A-Ball Ball Mount for 2" Hitches # AMSC10. This ball mount fits 2" receivers, has a maximum 10" drop and a weight capacity of 8,000 lbs. You will need Pin and Clip # PC3, and for a 2" hitch ball you will need # 40038; if you needed a 2-5/16" hitch ball the correct part is # C40007.
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