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Front Mount Trailer Hitches

Front mount hitches are the perfect addition to your vehicle when you require the use of a recovery winch, tow loop, putting your boat in the water, or other accessory. We offer a large selection of front mount receivers by popular manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Reese and Curt so you can find the one that is right for your application and your budget. All front mount receiver hitches we offer are made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

You can find all the custom-fit front mount receiver applications we offer for your vehicle by choosing the year, make, and model to the left. Don't forget the hitch-mounted winch mount plate to make any winch installation hassle-free!

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2005 Mercury Questions and Answers

  • Can a Trailer Hitch Adapter Be Used to Carry 2 inch Cargo Carrier oa a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer
  • There are two good recommendations for you but I would not recommend using a hitch adapter to carry a 2 inch shank cargo carrier in a 1-1/4 inch hitch. The reason is that the adapter reduces the hitch tongue weight capacity by 50 percent, and you would need to be very careful not to overload the hitch and vehicle frame, causing damage. The reduction in capacity is due to the extra torque that is applied when placing the weight farther away from the rear of the vehicle. The first recommendation...
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  • Trailer Wiring Harness for 2005 Mercury Mariner
  • It sounds like your installed might be describing a universal type-converter that needs to be hardwired into the vehicle. We offer the Tow Ready Custom Fit Wiring, # 118551, which is a powered unit and requires you to run a power wire to the battery, which helps isolate the vehicle wiring from any short circuits that might occur in the trailer wiring. This harness installs inline with the taillight wiring, and other than having to run the power wire, is a plug-and-play install. A...
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  • Differences Between the Voyager and P3 Brake Controller
  • There are a few differences between the two controllers. The Voyager has been around for a looooooooong time. It uses an internal pendulum to determine how quickly the tow vehicle is braking. In order to operate correctly, this level of the pendulum needs to be adjusted. The Voyager also lacks a digital display which makes troubleshooting more difficult. The controller does not provide boost settings and is not compatible with electric over hydraulic braking systems. The Prodigy P3...
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  • Where Does a Brake Controller Plug Into on a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer
  • On your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer, if it came with a factory installed 7-Way trailer connector then the brake controller port will be located behind the glove compartment. If it came with a factory 4-Way then the brake controller will need to be hardwired in using # ETBC7. For a brake controller I recommend the P2 # 90885 because its easy to set up and use. For a wiring harness the correct one is # 3035-P.
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  • Black Spare Tire Cover Recommendation to Fit a P215-75R-15 Size
  • The overall diameter of your 215/75-15 tire is 27.7 inches. The part # 052963753479 would work well for you since it can fit tires from 26-3/4" - 29-3/4" and it is black. I attached a review video for this cover for you to check out as well.
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  • Can a 2005 Mercury Monterey be Flat Towed Behind a Motor Home
  • I was able to find a copy of the owners manual online for the 2005 Mercury Monterey. In the manual, starting on page 205 in the recreational towing section it states that if the vehicle is front wheel drive is must be towed on a dolly with the front wheels off the ground. There is no other information other than that. For a tow dolly you can use # RM-2000-1. This is a great option if you will be towing the vehicle frequently. But if you only need the dolly one or two times it would be...
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  • Display on Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller # TK90160 Indicates .c.
  • There is nothing wrong with your Tekonsha Primus IQ brake controller. The display .c. indicates that your controller is receiving power, that your trailer is connected, and that the controller's boost feature is engaged. Please refer to the linked installation/operation instructions for the Primus IQ # TK90160. These explain the various display messages that can appear on your controller.
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  • Trailer Wiring Installation Video for a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis
  • I attached an install video that shows how the trailer wiring harness part # 119179KIT will install on a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis as well as a set of installation instructions that detail how this should be installed. I don't have a document that specifies how the # 119179KIT will install on your exact vehicle since this is a universal install harness, but I can guarantee that if your installer follows the video I attached it will work just fine.
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  • Roof Kayak Carrier Recommendations for a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer
  • Provided that there is room enough on the crossbars on your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer then yes, you could use 2 of the Yakima JayLow, # Y04073. It should not be a problem on your Mountaineer but one similar carrier that I know would work is the Rhino-Rack J-Style carrier, # S512, with the add-on extension to carry a second kayak # RRS512X. I have seen that the weight capacity of the factory roof rack on the Mountaineer is 100 pounds. Going with the Rhino-Rack carrier will reduce the amount...
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  • Replacement Key Recommendation for a Sears Sport SV Cargo Box 2892
  • Yes we do carry the replacement key you would need. You would need the part # THKEYN2982.
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  • Replacement Hitch Hardware Recommendation for a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis
  • We do sell replacement hardware for the trailer hitches we offer. For that you would need part # RHK. On the product page you would need to enter the part number of the hitch you have and select the manufacturer of the hitch that you have. Most likely you have the Curt # 13707 or the Draw Tite # 41116 which are the two Class III hitches we offer for your 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis.
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  • Which Wires to Use to Install Hopkins # HM46155 Vehicle Wiring Converter on a 2005 Mercury Sable
  • If there are multiple wires that are carrying the correct tail light signals, it would be okay for you to use any of them as long as no other functions are ran on the same wire. I attached a video of this product being installed onto a vehicle that you might find helpful.
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  • Parts Needed to Add Trailer Brake Controller to 2005 Mercury Mountaineer with 4-Pole Flat Connector
  • Brake controller installation on your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer that has a 4-pole flat trailer connector will require just the brake controller and a 7-way socket. An outstanding reliable brake controller with versatile features is the Prodigy P2 # 90885. This is the most popular unit we sell and it is highly-rated by our customers for its easy set-up. Along with this you'll need 7-way # 37185 which plugs in to your existing 4-pole and provides connectors for your brake circuit (blue...
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  • Can Trailer Hitch Be Installed On A Different Vehicle After Accident
  • It is not recommended that a trailer hitch be used again if the part of the car that the hitch was installed on was involved in the accident in any way. There can be stress cracks in the welds that may not be visible, and that would compromise the stability and safety of the hitch. If there is no damage to the hitch from the accident and you wish to install it on your 2005 Mercury Sable, you can go to our website and order a replacement hardware kit. I have attached a link to the page...
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  • Does Draw Tite Front Hitch # 65032 Fit 2005 Mercury Mountaineer
  • The Draw Tite hitch part # 65032 is a confirmed fit for your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer. I am not totally sure what you mean by, "any loss" but if you mean ground clearance loss then you'd lose a couple inches since this fits below the front bumper and is a 2 inch hitch.
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  • Is There Anywhere to Avoid when Drilling Roof of 2005 Mercury Mariner to Mount Roof Rack Tracks
  • If your 2005 Mercury Mariner has side curtain air bags then you will want to install tracks # THTP54 further in (towards the middle) on the vehicle roof to avoid interference. The wiring for things like the dome light are more or less in the center of the vehicle so you would not worry about that unless you wanted to put tracks in the middle of the roof. To avoid drilling you could use a custom roof rack using the following parts: CrossBars # INB137 Feet # INSUT Fit Kit # INK193
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  • Recommended Adapter From a 2
  • To use a 1-1/4" accessory in the 2" trailer hitch receiver on your tow vehicle I recommend using the Brophy Hitch Reducer # HT02. This adapter has a Tongue Weight (TW) rating of 300 lbs so you will want to be sure not to exceed that. Some bike racks have specific adapters that will allow you to use them with a 2 inch hitch receiver. If you let me know what bike rack you have I can check to see if we have an adapter.
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  • Hitch Recommendation for 2005 Mercury Mountaineer for Carrying Mobility Scooter Carrier
  • Hitch adapters cut the capacity of the hitch they are installed in and reduce them by 50 percent. For a 1-1/4 inch hitch that has a lower capacity already this isn't an ideal scenario. Especially for a scooter carrier scenario which are typically very heavy. What you really should do is install a 2 inch hitch below your factory hitch on your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer like the Draw Tite part # 75132 which has a 500 lb tongue weight capacity which would eliminate your need for a hitch adapter...
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