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2018 Kia Soul Tow Bar Wiring Installation And Review Videos


Roadmaster 4-Diode Universal Wiring Kit Installation - 2018 Kia Soul- Video

Roadmaster 4-Diode Universal Wiring Kit Installation - 2018 Kia Soul

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Kia Soul, we're going to be installing Roadmaster's four diode universal wiring kit, and 7-wire to 6-wire straight cord, part number RM-152-98146-7. This bulb and socket kit is going to allow us to transfer those lighting signals from our RV, back to our vehicle without tapping into the vehicle's wiring in any way whatsoever. We activate the left turn signal in our RV, it operates on both the RV and our vehicle. And here we have our brake lights, our running lights, left turn, and right turn.We'll begin our installation at the rear of the vehicle by removing both our driver and passenger side taillights.You'll find four Phillips head screws located down the inside edge of your tail lamp. Just go ahead and remove those screws. A plastic trim panel remover tool will make it easier when we're moving your taillight, when you're pulling rearward. more

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8/22/2018 2:39:21 PM