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EcoHitch Stealth Trailer Hitch Undercover Access Hole Cover Installation- Video

EcoHitch Stealth Trailer Hitch Undercover Access Hole Cover Installation

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Tesla Model 3, we're gonna be taking a look at, and I'm gonna show you how to install, the undercover access hole cover for EcoHitch Stealth Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number 306-XA2002.Now with the EcoHitch, this is another accessory that you can pick up. What this is gonna do is for the EcoHitch, when you remove that receiver tube, this is gonna go in place of that to give you a nice clean look, and maintain the aerodynamics of the vehicle.It's also gonna have a rubber seal, that's gonna seal to keep dirt and debris from getting up inside of your receiver tube. Now how this stays on, it's magnetic. There's a large magnet here. It's gonna slide up inside the receiver tube to hold it in place. It's gonna be an aluminum construction with a black powder coat finish. more

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9/13/2018 1:03:17 PM