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PTC Custom Fit Cabin Air Filter Installation - 2018 Ram 3500- Video

PTC Custom Fit Cabin Air Filter Installation - 2018 Ram 3500

Rob: Rob here at etrailer.com and today you're gonna be taking a look at the PTC Custom Fit Cabin Air Filter for a Ram 3500. A cabin filter is gonna make sure that the air inside of our car is gonna be healthy and clean because a lot of people don't realize that the air inside could actually up to six times dirtier than the air outside. Our cabin filter is gonna be one those things, it's a maintenance item that a lot of people forget about.Everybody remembers, oh, I need to put fuel in my car, I think I got to get my oil changed but filters are typically the last thing on their mind. Our cabin filter is gonna filter the air coming inside the cabin of our truck, kind of like the furnace filter at your house. Now it is gonna clean the air so it's not gonna smell as much, it's gonna pull a lot of those pollutants out but it's also gonna collect any larger debris that may cause damage to our HVAC System in our Ram.So here we have our old one compared to the new one and you can see that it is doing a pretty good job because it's actually starting to turn a little grayish brown but if we open up the pleats on here, we can see that it is collecting larger debris. Now if this we're to get through our system it could do a lot of damage to either the fan, the air conditioning or the heating system, and replacing your cabin air filter in your Ram is an extremely easy process.There's no need to pay somebody else to do it. more

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3/20/2019 11:52:16 AM