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CTEK Battery-Health Indicator Installation - 2014 Polaris Ranger- Video

CTEK Battery-Health Indicator Installation - 2014 Polaris Ranger

Speaker: Today in this 2014 Polaris Ranger Crew 570 we're going to install part number CTEK56380. This is a CTEK Battery Health Indicator Cable with Panel Box for 12-volt Comfort Connect Chargers. First, you need to find a location for our indicator box. This is up to personal preference in this case we'll go by the backseat of the UTV and on a piece of plastic panel, a little bit out of the way we'll go ahead and install it. Now to install it the instructions come with a little template used for our holes. In this case we're going to use a piece of tape to help hold it in place and then we'll go ahead and use a 1/8ths inch length drill bit and drill out the centers of our holes. Then we'll go back at with a 3/8ths inch drill bit. Then using a knife and a rotary tool we'll go ahead and make out the final rectangle form. We started off a little under-size. more

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12/23/2013 11:54:50 AM