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AFE Air Filter Installation - 2008 Mercury Mariner- Video

AFE Air Filter Installation - 2008 Mercury Mariner

Today on our 2008 Mercury Mariner we'll be installing the AFE Air Filter, part number AFE31-10065. After opening up the package and confirming everything is correct in there we're ready to go ahead and install it into our vehicle. After the hood is open on this Mariner we'll go ahead and undo the two clasps that hold the air filter lid in place. We can then simply peel it off and bring the air filter out the top. With the old air filter removed, we'll simply take the new AFE air filter and slide it back into position in the box and bring it back down into place. You'll notice that the AFE air filter does come with a "do not discard" sticker. more

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4/9/2012 1:50:29 PM