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Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit Installation - 2015 Lincoln MKX- Video

Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit Installation - 2015 Lincoln MKX

Today on our 2015 Lincoln MKX, we're gonna be installing Roadmaster's battery charge line kit, part number RM-156-25.This battery charge line kit ensures that your vehicle is ready to go when you get to your destination. It provides a trickle charge back to your vehicle's battery so that way it will be topped up and ready to go.The motorhome uses its seven pole connector charge line to go back to the six pole connector on the vehicle to provide that charging.Some vehicles require this because they need to be left in the accessory or on position when being flat towed, such as our Lincoln here. So this way, since it does have to be on all the time, which will cause the battery to drain, we know that it will keep it topped up and ready for us.To complete our total flat tow set up on our 2015 Lincoln MKX, we used Roadmaster's XL base plate kit, Roadmaster's universal diode wiring kit, Roadmaster's battery charge line kit, Roadmaster's 12 volt outlet kit, Roadmaster's Sterling all-terrain non-binding tow bars, Roadmaster's brake light relay kit, and Blue Ox's Patriot II portable braking system.We'll begin our installation by mounting our circuit breaker. You wanna find a place along the side or the firewall where you can put it. We're gonna put ours right here in front of our fuse box. We'll use the self-tapping screws that come provided with the kit to do that.We'll now take the red wire that comes in the kit. more

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12/12/2018 3:33:23 PM

Roadmaster Guardian Rock Guard Installation - 2018 Lincoln MKX- Video

Roadmaster Guardian Rock Guard Installation - 2018 Lincoln MKX

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Lincoln MKX we're going to be taking a look at the Roadmaster Guardian Rock Guard, part number RM-4000. When we go to flat tow a vehicle, we have a lot of issues with road debris flying up and hitting the front of our vehicle. Whether it be rocks or gravel or anything else, we don't want the paint to be scratched, let alone a headlight broken. Our Guardian's going to protect the front of our vehicle and make sure the paint stays in nice condition, as well as the headlights.Our Guardian's going to be made out of a molded polyethylene material with a hollow core, so it is going to be extremely durable but also very lightweight. Now, our Guardian is going to be compatible with all Roadmaster base plates that have the quick disconnect style cross bar, which is sold separately. The center section of our Guardian is going to be attached directly to the base plate on a bracket, and the two side panels are going to have a connecting rod that's going to connect those to the center.Now, because of its design, we're going to be able to remove it in a matter of seconds and actually fold the sides in for a smaller footprint so we can store it. more

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6/18/2018 2:12:30 PM

Blue Ox Coiled Electrical Cord Installation - 2014 Lincoln MKX- Video

Blue Ox Coiled Electrical Cord Installation - 2014 Lincoln MKX

Today on this 2014 Lincoln MKX, we are going to install part number BX88206. This is a Blue Ox 7-wire to 6-wire coiled electrical cord.Now obviously the cord doesn't have much to install because you plug the two together but it does come with a 6-pole connector for your towed vehicle, and that's what we are going to install.This is our 4-pole that's pre-existing on our vehicle so basically we are going to upgrade this to a 6-pole connector. So I'm just going to snip off the wires, start fresh.This is our 6-pole connector that comes with it. We'll go ahead take this cover off and we are going to slide this on to our wire. First off I'll go ahead with our white wire, that will be our ground, connect that to the pin here, it's labeled GD. Push the wire in, tighten down the screw. more

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11/7/2014 1:52:53 PM

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2002 Lincoln Continental- Video

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2002 Lincoln Continental

Today on this 2002 Lincoln Continental, we are going to install part number 119176 from Tow Ready. We are also going to use part number 118151. We will start off by opening the trunk because all of our connections will be on the inside. The first thing we need to do is go ahead and remove the threshold right here. And then we can pull back our carpeting and have access to the wiring. It looks like there are a couple of rivets right here. OK, go ahead and remove one more rivet down here. Remove this rivet up here. You can see here we have access to our wire harness right here and also a factory ground screw. The first thing we are going to do is take our wire harness apart and figure out which wire has which function. Remove it from the side here. 1:02 more

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12/16/2010 7:09:35 AM