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Superwinch Winches - Vehicle Recovery Winch - 09034 Review- Video

Superwinch Winches - Vehicle Recovery Winch - 09034 Review

Today we are going to cover part number 09034 from Superwinch. This is their EPi 9.0 High-Performance Recovery Winch. This winch is rated at 9,000 pounds. It features power load in and out. It also incorporates the freespooling clutch that allows you to pull up the cable by hand when you need to, so you do not have to wait on a slow motor to pull it out. This also has a quiet and efficient, full metal, three-stage planetary gear box. The motor is a 4.6 horsepower series wound motor. It comes complete with a roller fairhead, that you see in the front there, that reduces the wear and strain on the wire rope while you are doing winching applications. It also comes with a hand-held remote so that you can stand back, safely out of the way, to operate the winch and get your vehicle out of its stuck position. It also has an automatic load-holding brake. And it also includes a pulley block to give you double capacity on your cable. We will go ahead and point out some of these features on the winch itself. more

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12/12/2008 10:31:50 AM