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Jeep Roll Bar Covers Installation And Review Videos

Rampage Padded Roll Bar Cover Kit Review- Video

Rampage Padded Roll Bar Cover Kit Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Rampage Padded Roll Bar Cover Kit for Jeeps, in black denim. This is available for all Jeep Wrangler models. See for your specific fit. As you can see, our padded covers covers most of our roll bar all the way around. It has a nice, -inch-thick foam. The built-in, -inch foam padding is going to help protect us from any minor bumps or bruises, as well as protect the roll bar. As you can see, the padded roll bar has built-in accommodations for our seat belts, as well as any other accessory that you might have with this. more

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2/16/2015 3:24:23 AM