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HWT Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - AM22699 Review- Video

HWT Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - AM22699 Review

Today we're going to review AM22699. This is the Americana 16 inch by 7 inch Aluminum HWT Series 06 Trailer Wheel with the 8 on 6-1/2 inch bolt pattern. Now this wheel is made of a durable corrosion resistant aluminum. This is the HWT Series 06 design which is the spoke design as you can see here. It's very unique in and appealing. The design spokes the side of the spokes or the accents are in silver. The face of the spoke and the outer lip right here as a machine finish to it and then the whole wheel is clear coated to protect it. This is a high quality wheel that will meet the Department of Transportation's specifications. Now if you have noticed it does come with this metal valve stem, it's included and stalled in the wheel. The reason they do that is this wheel is classifies as a heavy duty wheel, so it does use tires on it that has a high weight capacity and those high weight, the tires that have the high weight capacity require a very high PSI, so you do have to have a metal stem to be able to meet those high PSI ratings and this valve stem does come with the wheel. The room dimension on this is a 16 inch in diameter by 7 inches in width and the way to measure that on the wheel, anytime you measure a wheel you're actually going to measure where the tire would sit on the wheel. When a tire is mounted on this wheel, the tire beads would sit right here, so when you measure the diameter you're measuring the bead seat to bead seat. Basically if we put a ruler on this, just to give you an idea, you can see the bead seat inner to bead seat inner would be 16 inches in diameter and then on the width you want to do the same thing, you'll measure inside to inside, you don't want to measure overall, you'll measure bead seat to bead seat. Again, if we put the ruler on it, you can see 7 inches is the width. So 16 inches diameter, 7 inches in width. Now the bolt pattern on this wheel is a 8 log on 6 1/2 inch bolt pattern and that is behind this cap. more

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5/28/2014 8:54:30 AM