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Polaris Off Road Lights Installation And Review Videos


MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar Installation - 2019 Polaris Ranger- Video

MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar Installation - 2019 Polaris Ranger

Jake: Hey guys, it's Jake here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at and I'm going to show you how to install this MaxxTow Off-Road Light Bar. There's going to be an extra light bar that you can use to give yourself more light when out on the trails with your new 19 Polaris Ranger. Here's a quick comparison about how much light this maxxtow light is actually going to give you. Here's our low beams on our Polaris Ranger, our high beams, and then the new light bar.The garage what we have here is about 15 to 20 feet away and you can see the yellowish color that our halogen lights are giving off on our side-by-side. But when we turn on that pure white light from our maxxtow light, you can see it not only makes it a lot clear but you can see much higher up on the garage door giving you more visibility when you're out on the trails. more

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8/14/2019 10:18:43 AM

MaxxTow Off-Road 2 Row Light Bar Installation - 2017 Polaris Ranger- Video

MaxxTow Off-Road 2 Row Light Bar Installation - 2017 Polaris Ranger

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Polaris Ranger, we're going to take a look at and showing you how to install the MaxxTow two row off road light bar. Part number MT80634.So here are our headlights, and here it is with our MaxxTow light bar. With the light off, you can see that we're going to have a two row light bar. Each one is going to have 40 LEDs that are going to be three watts a piece. And the LEDs inside are going to have a 30,000 hour lifespan.And as you can see over here on the side, these are going to be your flood LEDs. And more towards the center, we're going to have more of a spot beam LED, so these are going to be great for seeing long distances and shining out off to the side as well.The beginning installation, we're going to want to mount the brackets onto the end of our light bar. more

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6/20/2018 8:12:11 AM