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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Toyota Matrix

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How to Install a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 2009 Toyota Matrix

Today we are going to be installing wiring harness part number 118460 on a 2009 Toyota Matrix. We are inside the rear cargo area of the matrix here and we are going to go ahead and point out the mounting location for our wiring harness. The ports that we will be plugging into are located directly behind the tail light assemblies here on the interior of the vehicle. You can see when I remove the cover here on the passenger side our plug is located right there. It is a little bit harder to get to on the drivers side, we actually will have to remove a couple components to gain access to it. So to start I am going to remove the rear cargo area here so that we can run our wire from one side to the other. And then we are going to pull back the access panel here on the driver side. Now with the interior panel pulled back a little bit you can see through the opening the plug that we are going to be plugging into.

Next we are going to go ahead and plug our harness in and disconnect the plug at the back of the tail light assembly. And take our harness, using the ports with the yellow and brown wire to plug in here on the drivers side. You can also say there is a white wire with a ring terminal on it, that is for our ground. We are going to need to find a suitable grounding point and use a self tapping screw that is provided in our installation kit to go ahead and ground that to the metal. Since there is a short lead here we are going to need to ground it somewhere close to were the driver-side connector was. So if we pull our panel back a little bit you can see we have a common grounding point right here, so we can go ahead and use that and ground our wire there as well.

Next I am going to go ahead and my other connector with the green and red wires on it over to my passenger-side and we are going to plug it in behind the passenger-side tail light. Then we can re-install our passenger-side and then the excess wires we have can make a cross here, you can use the cable ties that are provided with the installation kit to go ahead and secure that to this main harness here. And there we also need to take the red wire here that has the butt connector on the one side, that is where we are going to connect the big long lead of black wire that is provided with our wiring kit. We are going to connect that and that is going to go all the way up to the battery and connect to the positive side. We need to find a location to get the wire down below the vehicle and you can see right here you have the inside portion of a grommet that actually routes to the outside. We are going to go ahead and just cut a little hole inside of that and route our black wire through there and take it up to the front. Feed it through. You can see on the back side of our modulite box we have got some double sided tape. We are going to go ahead adhere it here somewhere against this wall back here or even behind the tail light itself.

The 4-pull is actually going to stay inside the vehicle for storage. I am actually going to just go ahead route it through this opening we have here on the drivers side. And we will leave that and use it as our storage bin. Now I am going to put the interior of the vehicle back together. When routing the wire up to the front to the battery you want make sure you avoid any pinch points or hot spots that could damage the wire. Okay we are up under the hood now and we have our wire routed all the way up to the positive terminal of the battery. At this point we are going to go ahead take the yellow fuse holder that is provided with the wiring harness. That is what is going to make the connection to the battery for us.

What we are going to to do is cut that in half and strip off a little bit of both ends. On the one end we are going to put the ring terminal and on the other end we are going to install the butt connector that is going to connect us to our black wire here. I am going to go ahead and remove the secondary auxiliary nut here and going to go ahead install the fuse holder. Okay now we can take in and test fit the excess piece of black wire here, as you can see it is a little bit longer than what I need so I am going to go head and cut that down. Strip off a little bit of the end here and apply it to the other side of the butt connector. And then last we are going to go ahead and install our fuse into the fuse holder. Okay and again we are going to secure up any lose wires we have left over and our installation will be complete. A quick overview of the plug here, as you can see we have it stored in this compartment. We can pull it out when we want to use it and plug it into our trailer. You can go ahead and close the hatch on it, you do not have to worry about it being pinched because of the weather striping will keep it from doing so. As you can see I still have got room to maneuver the wire around. And with that it will conclude our installation of wiring harness part number 118460 on a 2009 Toyota Matrix.

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