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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2008 Chrysler Aspen

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How to Install a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 2008 Chrysler Aspen

Today on this 2008 Chrysler Aspen we will be installing part number 118390 from Tow Ready. This is a T-One wiring connector. To begin our install we need to open up the hatch to get to the plastic rivets that holds the tail lights in place. The tail lights have to come off because our wiring connections are behind the tail light themselves.

We will go ahead and start by taking off the tail lights, we will just use a pair of pliers to pull out the plastic rivets and we will go from there. This is going to be our connection point right here and what we are going to do is just unlock it by pushing this little red tab up and out of the way, squeeze right here and it will come apart. Lets go ahead and set our tail light down and we will go ahead and do the same thing back over on the passenger side.

First we will go ahead and clean up some of the interior body work here because on this piece of sheet metal we are going to adhere the modulite itself. We are going to start off by running our 4-pull wire harness down behind the bumper here and out to the ground, it can stay there for now. We will also do the same thing with the white and green wire which will go underneath the vehicle over to the passenger side. So we will just let that fall down behind the bumper. Then we will make our connections to the wire harness with the red and yellow wire, and that will plug in right here. And then when it snaps together make sure you put the locks together. And we will go ahead and attach our modulite to the area of body work we cleaned off earlier. Next we will go ahead and take our 10 gage wire, the black wire that came with the kit, we will just go ahead and do the same thing we will just push it behind the bumper and then we will connect to our hot lead on the modulite right here. It is a good idea to stretch out the wire right now, its easier to go ahead and do it this way and it helps when you run it up front. Then we will go ahead and seal it up with some electric tape. And we are just going to leave this all bundled together and we will just go ahead and reattach our tail light.

All right now we are going to go underneath the vehicle and route our wires for the passenger side tail light and then also our 4-pull flat wire and then we will tie it all up and start running our black wire up front. And Ive got some excess wire here for our 4-pull so we will move those out of the way and we will just bundle them up by themselves right now with some zip-ties. Now we will take our wire here, the green and white wire and we will go ahead and run that over to the other side and route it the same way we did the 4-pull wire. Then we will go ahead and push our wire back up through the opening and out to our tail light. We can go ahead and make our connections. Now we can go ahead and reconnect our tail light now, same thing as on the drivers side. Before we tie up our wires for good we will go ahead and run our power wire all the way across too, like we did with the white and green wire and we will tie that up to the side and go ahead and run that up to the front. We will go ahead and just leave that to the side for now and go ahead and secure the wires behind the bumper brackets here. All right now we will go ahead and run our power wire up to the front of the vehicle. The reason we ran it over to the passenger side was because when we get underneath the hood the battery is going to be on the passenger side also. So we will go ahead and route our wires, just stay away from anything that is moving or hot.

We will go ahead and run the wires over the frame cross members, that will generally keep us out of trouble from the exhaust and moving parts. Actually at this point we are going to cross over the frame because we are getting close to the exhaust and go around the body mount here. All right lets go ahead and just push it up into the fender well here. And then we will go ahead and open up the hood and reach down to pull up the wire. Lets go ahead and pull our wire out from below and then wrap around something we can tie off to, maybe a piece of wire harness or something. Anything to keep it from touching the exhaust. We are actually going to just sneak our wire around the battery and tuck it in behind the felt here. And then we can go ahead and add our fuse holder and we will tap onto the battery right here. Lets take our fuse holder and cut it in half, you can use more or less depending on how you want to do it. Go ahead and attach our butt connector to it. Go ahead and add the ring terminals and then add some electrical tape to the connectors to give it a little extra protection. Next what we will do is disconnect our battery, take out the ground first so we will not zap ourselves when we attach metal to the positive terminal. Put our negative terminal back on, and then our fuse holder we will go ahead and install our 10 amp fuse. And now our harness will be powered up. Go ahead and tuck our fuse holder out of the way. And with that our next step is to test the wire harness with an independent light tester to make sure it is working. And then you can go ahead and try it on your trailer. And with that it finishes our install of part number 118390 from Tow Ready.

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