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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2002 Lincoln Continental

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2002 Lincoln Continental

Today on this 2002 Lincoln Continental, we are going to install part number 119176 from Tow Ready. We are also going to use part number 118151. We will start off by opening the trunk because all of our connections will be on the inside. The first thing we need to do is go ahead and remove the threshold right here. And then we can pull back our carpeting and have access to the wiring. It looks like there are a couple of rivets right here. OK, go ahead and remove one more rivet down here. Remove this rivet up here. You can see here we have access to our wire harness right here and also a factory ground screw. The first thing we are going to do is take our wire harness apart and figure out which wire has which function. Remove it from the side here. 1:02

And we will go ahead and test on the inside here so we do not have to pull the wires any more than we have to. First off we will take our tester. We will ground it to our factory ground. First off, what we will start looking for is our running light circuit. It looks like the running light circuit is going to be orange with a black stripe. The running light on our module is going to be brown. We will go ahead and hook those up together. And to make the connection we are going to use a quick splice and that is going to be part number 564. And all it does is just snaps over one wire and then the other wire slips in right next to it. And that metal piece in the middle actually cuts through the plastic and makes a connection between the two. It would probably be a good idea to double check it. I am going to repeat the same exact process now for the left turn signal. The left turn is going to be green with an orange stripe and that will hook up to yellow, which is the left turn. Go ahead and reconnect our wire harness now. We will go ahead and reattach it. 2:04

We have two wires left over here for the side. We have the ground wire which we know is going to go to ground and we have a red wire here. Normally that is used for brake light circuit on the vehicle. This will actually combine the brake lights for the separate turn signals. However, on this car it is already combined. So, in that case, all we have to do is take the red wire and treat it as a ground wire as well. We will just go ahead and add a separate ring terminal to this. And we will just go ahead and ground both of these. What we will do next is go ahead and deal with the green wire. And that is going to be going over to the right turn signal. So we will go ahead and run that underneath the carpet and we will go ahead and peel back the carpeting on the other side and make our connection there as well. And that looks like orange with a blue stripe. So, right turn on our module is going to be our green wire. Let us go ahead and put everything back together and hide our green wire behind the carpet. 3:13

The next thing we can start work on is the red wire that is going to be power for our module. And this is where we start using the 118151 kit. Now we need to run that wire out to the battery. So what is going to happen is we are going to run it through this grommet. We are just going to slice into the side of it and just run our wire out. So we will take our black wire and go ahead and connect it to our red wire. Now we will go ahead and mount our modulite. And we will probably mount it to this piece of sheet metal right here. And we are going to reattach all of the carpeting. Before we install carpet, you want to take some time and go ahead and zip-tie the wire. Make sure they are safe and out of the way as well. OK, at this point we will get underneath the vehicle and go ahead and run our black wire up to the battery. And we are going to run it along the frame rail and we want to keep it away from anything moving, like the suspension components or anything hot like the exhaust. Go ahead and pull up your wire. And make sure one more time that it is not hitting anything that is going to be moving, like the steering components or suspension. And we will just work our way around to the battery. Alright, we will go ahead and cut off our excess. And we will be connecting to the positive side of our battery. And we will go ahead and add out fuse holder. It is this part right here. We will just cut it in half. On one side we will add a ring terminal to it and the other side we will add a butt connector that we can connect to the black wire. 4:55

Alright, we want to attach the ring terminal to the side of the post right here. We want to add a flat washer and we are also going to add on to the end of it a 6 millimeter nut with a 1.0 thread pitch. The last thing we need to do is go ahead and install the fuse into the fuse holder. We will just tuck it safely out of the way. And pretty much our install is finished. To use the wire harness, all you have to do is open up your trunk, pull a little bit of it out and go ahead and shut the trunk on it because the seal is thick enough where it will not hurt anything when you shut the lid. Just make sure you stay away from the latch and then pull out what you need to go out to your hitch. And with that, that will finish our install of part number 119176 and part number 118151.

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