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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2000 Ford Taurus

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How to Install a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 2000 Ford Taurus

Today on this 2000 Ford Taurus we are going to install part number 118375. This T-1 connector is going to install inside the vehicle, inside the trunk area. So the first thing we are going to have to do is go ahead and open up the trunk. We do have to take out some interior panels to get to the connections. The bottom mat above the spare tire, we are going to take out this threshold right here. Pull that out and lift it straight up. Go ahead and pull the liner back here and heres our wire connection right in front. :36

What we will do is go ahead and disconnect our harness. There is a little tab behind it, go ahead and pull it out and then the whole one half comes out. Whats going to happen is our T connector will fit in between these two pieces. This is a reminder, the T connector comes with two ends. Yellow means left turn signal, so that is going to go to our left side and the green will be ran across over to the passenger side. We will leave our end with the four pole over to the left hand side for now. Then we will run our green wire back across and zip tie it to the factory harness. 1:09

Same thing as before, plug in our T connector. Okay and now we will start the reassembly of our interior panels. We have our threshold back in place, we will go ahead and route our wires off to the side here. Then we will go ahead and put our mat back in. When you are not using it you can store it underneath the mat with the spare tire, safe and out of the way. But when you do need to use it, pull it up, pull it out, stay away from the latch. The door is just thick enough we can close the hatch on it and it will not hurt the wire. The last step that remains is go ahead and take our light tester and test the wires for functions and make sure everything is working. And there you have it for part number 118375 from Tow Ready.

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