Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 1991 Dodge Dynasty

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How to Install a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 1991 Dodge Dynasty

Today we are going to install part number 118172 from Draw-Tite, and we are going to install this on a 1991 Dodge Dynasty. To begin our install, we have to get behind the wiring harness. It is going to be behind the carpet here and here. We are just going to pull away this carpet a little bit and get to the back here. And this is the wiring harness right here, and you can tell it comes from the front to the rear and splits off to the left and the right sides. We have already kind of cut into it so we could see where the wiring was at. And these are our wires. We will go ahead and use our tester and prove which wire does what for what function.

First off, we want to start with the running lights, so we will go ahead and turn those on and test to see which one is that. OK: off, and on. OK, we know that is the running lights, so we will go ahead and make our first connection. We will use a quick splice and slide it over one wire, and then slide the brown wire to our running light circuit, onto the side of it, and then squeeze down with a pair of pliers. Now we will go ahead and test for the right-turn signal. OK, there is our right-turn signal, that is the one with a black stripe, so we will go ahead and hook up our green wire for right turn. OK, then we will do the same thing with the left turn. OK, we put the green wire with the black stripe, now we will connect our yellow wire for left turn. And all that remains is to add our white wire to the ground. And we will add a ring terminal to it and just attach it to the factory ground.

All right, now that we have got our install finished on the wiring, let us go ahead and just test the 4-pole to make sure. OK, first turn on the running lights OK, turn them off. All right, now we will do left turn, and then we will do right turn. OK, and then we turn those off and hold the brake down. And you should get a constant signal on the yellow and green. All right. All that is left is to go ahead and reinstall the carpeting. And to use our 4-pole, just go ahead and pull it out of the trunk, staying away from the latch itself. Just shut the door on it, and you can see you can still pull it out as needed down to the hitch. The door seal is thick enough that it will not hurt the wire and you only pull out what is needed. All right, that covers our install of part number 118172 from Draw-Tite.

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