Yakima Trunk Bike Racks Review - 2013 Infiniti G37

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Review of the Yakima Trunk Bike Racks on a 2013 Infiniti G37

Today on our 2013 Infinity G37X we're going to be doing a test fit of our Yakima half back two bike hanging style rack. That's part number Y02636. This is a very simple bike rack. It's going to hold our bikes in place at three points of contact. We've got two cradles on our cross two and one on our down two.They're held in place by these zip strips. To take them off we're going to push in on the tab and pull the zip strip out.

This cradle on our down tube is our anti-sway cradle. That's gonna keep our bike from making contact with our second bike or our vehicle. They also include several straps to keep our wheel in place so our handlebars and our wheel are not going to be making contact with our vehicle or our bike.We can go ahead and take our bike off. With the bike removed we can see our cradles here. We've got some padding to protect our bike while we're traveling.

Dampen the contact with our frame so we're not gonna have to worry about damage there. I would like to give you a measurement to show you how far our bike rack is going to extend from the rear of our vehicle.We're looking at 28 inches there. So it will be important to keep in mind if you're backing into a parking space, parking garage, anything like that, you want to make sure that you have at least that much room. We do have the option to lower these arms. So we're going to lift up on this here.

That's going to allow us to lower our arms. Bring them back into a locked position. Now we will be able to see to cut down on that distance quite a bit.From the bumper to the rear most part it's gonna be this, looking at about six and a half inches. So obviously that's gonna give us lots more clearance if we are parking in a tight spot. Our rack is secured to our vehicle with four straps.

Two at the top, two at the bottom. They are labeled to help you know which ones to put where. They feature a rubber coating to prevent any sort of damage to the finish of your vehicle.This is nice because some other bike racks feature six straps but the extra two would be on the sides here but our Infinity doesn't really have a great place to put those side straps without running the risk of damaging our tail lights, so this is gonna be a great fit for our vehicle.The four points of contact our frame makes with our vehicle there's gonna be padding. So we have this nice thick cushion up at the top here and then rubber on the bottom. That's going to prevent any sort of damage to the finish of our vehicle. So now that we've taken a look at how the half back fits on our Infinity, let's go ahead and see how it did on the test course.

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