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Review of the Yakima SlimShady Awning

What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima SlimShady Awning. So this is going to clamp around your roof rack, whether you have a factory roof rack or an aftermarket one like we have. And this is gonna get you that shade that you want maybe after a long bike ride or maybe you're just out kinda overlanding and camping with some of your kiddos. They're getting a little hot, so you want a little nice shaded spot to kinda cool off and relax for a little bit. So this awning right here is the 30 square foot option, but we're gonna have a 42 square foot and also a 64 square foot, depending on how much shade you're really looking to get.

This one's about seven foot long by about 4 1/2-ish foot wide and it does give you a decent amount of shade. It all just depends on where the sun is though. As of right now, the sun's that way, so the shade is mainly over here. But what we could do is either position our vehicle a little different or we can adjust these to where it's kinda leaning one way to give us a little bit more shade. As you can see, they do adjust, so you can go ahead and make it just as tall as this.

So for your taller fellas that may need some shade, it can go up to about, about seven foot tall. So I don't really think you'll have any giants coming and taking some of your shade. So even for you tall folks, you don't have to worry about being a little too short. But if it's a little too close to your head for your comfort, just grab a chair and sit back and relax. As far as the construction goes, all of our awning's gonna be made of a nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating.

So it's not gonna fade or rip very easily at all and it is gonna be water resistant, so it's not going to let that rain seep through if you're protecting yourself from the rain and not the sun. The rest of it is gonna be made of aluminum, so it's not gonna rust away over time. And that's always a plus just because it's gonna look just as nice as it does now throughout its lifetime. Positioning of the vehicle is gonna be a big thing when it comes to utilizing all the shade that the SlimShady will give you. So as the day kinda went on from noon, this is perfect just because we're gonna get all the shade we really need just because the sun's right above us.

But as the day starts to tick down, now the sun's kind of at a lower angle. So you want to put your car kinda facing towards the sun whenever it's starting to set. And now we can utilize some of the vehicle's shade along with the shade that the SlimShady gets us. So definitely take that into account whenever you're setting up your campsite. Just kinda figure out if you're gonna be riding during the day, maybe come back for lunch and then end the day by the vehicle. Then, you can go ahead and just start out and position your vehicle against the sun where it's gonna set. And then you don't have to do anything whenever you're exhausted from the ride, so everything's ready to roll and you can come out and relax. One thing I really like about this SlimShady Awning is the fact that it just clamps to your bar. So if you have factory bars or an aftermarket roof rack system like the one we have here, it's really simple and easy. And it comes with locks, so people are gonna see this, get a little jealous 'cause they don't have one, but you can lock it there so it's not gonna run off whenever you're riding your bikes or just traveling around the campsite. So let's go ahead and show you how easy the installation process is. First thing we wanna do is get the awning ready for our bars. I already did it on this side, but we're gonna do it on this side, so you guys can figure out what the process looks like. If you don't have round bars, you can take these adapters and put them wherever you want 'cause we're not gonna use them. We're not gonna need them because we have aero bars on our roof right now. So first thing we wanna do is we're gonna take our clamp and on the top side, there's gonna be this little hexagon right there. What we wanna do is take our nylon lock nut with the locking nylon part facing down. We're just gonna fit that in just like that. And then, what we wanna do is take this, slide it over to where it lines up with that nut. We're gonna take a washer and our small little screw and start threading that in. And we can take our Allen key to tighten it up the rest of the way as we can. We don't wanna use any power tools or tighten it too much, but just enough to get it nice and secure. And then, we wanna make sure and look at the front of our awning, make sure that the Yakima sign is upright. And the way I kinda look at it is there's a gap in between this bracket and the top. And there's not a gap between the bracket and the bottom. So you can go ahead and figure it out that way. And we're gonna take our bigger bolts here. You can use the top or the bottom channel. I'm gonna use the bottom channel just so I can get a little bit more height off of my awning. Line those up, put 'em through the holes, get our locking nuts or locking washers there. Take our nuts, screw those on, get 'em nice and hand tight. Now, what we wanna do, we can either go up on a roof and measure from center to center to find out what spread we really need. It's gonna need a minimum of 24 inches or we can go ahead and just kinda keep these loose and then put 'em up on our roof like this and then tighten 'em down when we know they're nice and secure. Before we put it up on our roof, we wanna take this knob and loosen it. And as you can see, as we start to loosen it, we can go ahead and start moving this clamp out so it can fit around the bars. Depending on the bars that you're using is gonna determine how much you really have to loosen it. I think just bringing it out to the edge here will be plenty for us. And now, you can go ahead and put it up on your roof. Now, we can go ahead and take our clamps, and kinda lined up to where we want 'em. Loosen it if we have to. Now that they're positioned right, we can go ahead and start tightening this up. And you can see these grooves here, it's gonna help us get it to the point that we really need it to go. As you can see, we have it fitted in these grooves here, so we know it's where we need it. Make sure it's nice and tight. We'll go ahead and do the same exact thing for the other side. And then, we'll go ahead and tighten everything up if you haven't already. Last thing to do is just take our key and lock it. And this is just gonna prevent this wheel from turning, so no one can loosen this and take it for themselves. Now, we got some sun, we're looking for some shade. One thing to note, as you can tell, we can still use our bars to fit a big old cargo box because we have some bikes in the back, gear up top, and now we got some shade with our SlimShady. So first thing you want to do is undo these here on both sides. And then we can go ahead and unzip this. And then we're gonna have our little bag. You can set that to the side for now. And then there's some Velcro strips. Let me go ahead and undo those. And we can go ahead and unroll the awning. Just like this. This would be ideal to have somebody to help if you do have a separate set of hands because it'll make it a little bit easier for ya. But just to show ya what we got underneath, we're gonna have our side-supporting rods right here. What we wanna do is pull these out, just like this. And basically what I'm gonna do is take the awning out and then this little peg on the end is gonna fit to the metal little track on the end there. And what you gotta do with this, you gotta twist it counterclockwise, a quarter turn. They'll be able to go up and out. And then you can twist it like this to lock it into place. So that's what I'm gonna do. I just wanted to let you know what I'm doing just in case if you couldn't really completely see what I'm doing. So right here are the holes that we're gonna get our poles inserted into. This is gonna be facing down so you guys aren't gonna be able to see it. But again, quarter turn left, it comes out. Stick it through and then we can twist it to the right. We can do that for both sides. And then while we're here, we have the same exact thing going on for our actual pegs. So grab those out, flip 'em down, and they're gonna work just the same as the ones we just did. It's gonna be the same with our feet, twist it. It'll go down. And then you can twist it the other way to tighten it. And we definitely wanna make sure when we're setting this up that we want a slope going towards the end here just because we don't want all that water going that way and up onto our roof. So be sure to do that. And then the last thing we need to really do, once it's free-standing, we have these strips underneath and that's just gonna wrap around our side supports like that. And if you're not tailgating in a parking lot, maybe you're at a camp site or just overlanding somewhere, we do have some stakes and some tie-downs to add down to the security. But obviously, these aren't going to go through asphalt. So we're not gonna be using them today, but it does come with the kit. So this isn't my car, this is Zach's car. So I remember whenever I was going to all my sister's softball tournaments, finding a piece of shade when it's that hot is a must. I was really upset whenever it was nice and hot. So I know you got kiddos whenever you're out and about and you don't really have a place to cool off, they get a little antsy, don't theyYeah, for sure. I think it's one of those things where it's gonna be nice after we've been hiking around or swimming in the river to just be able to pop this out and give us some shade, and what happens when I get so cranky is really what it comes down to. Yeah, happy kids, happy everyone else, rightYeah, for sure. And then when it comes to mounting it on the roof, what do you think I mean, it's not that big and bulky. It's not. It allows me to keep a box up there or a basket or to get some more accessories up there. So I think that not taking up a lot of space, I think that even if you went with the longer one, it's not gonna take up any more space on the other side. Get even more shade, but it's very manageable, that's for sure. Very manageable. But taking it out and putting it in, it can be done by yourself, but I'm glad you're here, because it's a lot easier with an extra set of hands. He hasn't messed with this at all. So let's just go ahead and do it. So first thing you wanna do is just take these off on both sides. And then once that's done, I'm gonna go ahead and just have you kinda just support this, just hold it. Okay. So what I'm gonna do is take these. These are the same as down low. You just twist them and they'll go back in. Now, with you holding that up, it makes it actually possible for me to do this smoothly. Zach Snap, just snap in right there. Yeah, yeah, these little square things right here. Zach Okay. Adam Just let it hold in so it's not gonna fall out on you. Zach Yeah. And then now that that's done, we're gonna do the same thing with down here. Pull these up, twist it, and that'll go in that channel right there. Get a feel how it goes in there. A little square helps it a lot. Zach Yeah, yeah. And I'll let you do the other one while I hold this up. Yeah, just a simple little twist left or right, There you go. Either or. Zach There we go. Adam There you go, he's got it. It doesn't take long. So now that, that's done, go ahead and put that in. And that's pretty much it. The rest I can do by myself. Okay. Adam But I appreciate you helping. I like this map on top. Yeah, the map's cool. I just, I'm glad it's not just like a straight color. I just kinda like it especially when you're overlanding and stuff. It just, it's the little things that they throw in. But then you just go ahead and roll it up like this, nice and tight. Do you have to worry about the straps being outNo, they'll just kinda strap back in. If it does bother you though, you can just go ahead and strap 'em in normally. But we're gonna have another set of straps right here, and that's gonna hold this thing up into place. Zach Okay. Adam Just like that. And there's a strap on both sides. Make sure it'll be with the cover. Kinda folds back. It's not too difficult. And then we'll zip it up. Get that thing right there. Zach Yeah, this thing kind of holds up pretty tight. I like it, so even whenever I take it off, it's gonna be pretty easy to store in the garage. Yeah. Ready to put on and take off. That's the good thing about it. All you need is a key. You need your hands just to go ahead and loosen that up and it's not gonna take up much room at all in your garage, which is always a plus. Well, thank you Zach. I appreciate it. Yeah. And that'll do it for a look at the Yakima SlimShady Awning and I'm Adam with etrailer..

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