Yakima SkyBox 12 Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Yakima SkyBox 12 Cargo Box

Today we're going to be talking a look at Yakima SkyBox 12. This is a rooftop cargo carrier that's going to offer us 12 cubic feet of storage space. Part number on it is Y07175. This cargo carrier, as you can see, has a nice textured black finish. As you can see, it's got a nice sleek aerodynamic design. This is going to help to reduce any kind of wind noise or drag, also vibration, and to also help cut down on any fuel economy loss.

Overall the box measures 92" long, 24" wide, and has a height of 15". As you can see, the underside of our box here does have a nice flat finish to it. It's going to make it really easy for mounting on different kinds of vehicles. They've got the channels that run down through here to help promote that air flowing freely underneath the box and not encountering any resistance. The construction of these new SkyBoxes are really good. They're made three times stiffer than the old Skyboxes we're with the new EndoSkel technology.

This is going to provide good easy one-handed operation of opening and closing our box. As you can see, really nice durable ABS plastic. It's going to resist any kind of scratches. They put a nice textured automotive-grade finish on it to keep it looking good for a very long time. Here on this side we've got they call the Super Latch. As you can see, nice, as we talked about, one-handed operation.

It's not going to give you that twisting that some of the old boxes did. The Super Latch is great. Push it down, allows us to pop the top of the box right open. Another thing it does really well .. I'm just going to leave my finger up here in the front just so this latch won't close fully just to give you a demonstration.

As you can see, if we don't have this fully closed we can't get our key out. It just won't allows us to get our key out of there no matter what we do. This is going to help prevent any of the false locks, so you think you've got your box locked, you head down the road, and there goes your goodies. Once it's finally fully closed, really nice and secure. There's no problem, turn the key, pull it right out. We are going to have two keys, and also two of the SKS or single key system lock cores. This allows us to key it alike to any of our other Yakima products, but if we don't have any other Yakima products that we need keyed we'll have two keys and two locks. Let's take a look inside the box, see some of the other features that they've provided for us. Part of the EndoSkel technology is going to be this nice solid bar that comes around the front of our carrier here. That connections to our dual-sided hinge. Is going to allow our box to open from both the passenger side and the driver side. As you can see, that is really going to stiffen that front end up. We're not going to have the wind noise, vibrations, and things like that that we can get from some of the other boxes. Yakima's provided us with a track system. This gives us four nice wide connection points. We could get a 1" strap underneath there with no problem and bring it around our gear. We've got four located on each side. Really easy and convenient to get to. The box, the 12 cub feet storage space, it's going to give us room for up to five pairs of skis or six snowboards, making it really handy. The feet are fully adjustable. Simply by loosening the black dial there and also lifting our lever we're going to be able to adjust these in and out. Whenever we find the right position we just tighten our dial right back down. That is going to hold it in place for us. Then simply close our lever. Now this is going to give us the ability to mount this on a crossbar setup with a spread anywhere from 24" all the way up to 42, so you can imagine the possibilities that's going to offer. Now that we've gone over a lot of the features let's show you how to get it put on your vehicle. The box requires no tools or assembly. You're going to pull it out of the box it arrives in and we can put it right on our car. The flat bottom that we mentioned earlier makes positioning easy. Bring this right up. I'm going to position my rear clamps here just in front of my rear crossbar. Let me take just a quick look before I do open it just to make sure we have our box centered. This is one that opens from both sides so having it in the center of vehicle's usually the best option there. It looks pretty good where it's at. We're now going to unlock it down on the latch and allow that to come right open. Inside we've got a lever that is here on the rear. We're going to pull up that lever and also loosen the black knob. That allows, as you can see, the lower portion of our clamp to separate from the upper portion. We then just slide our box rearward just like that. Now on my driver side there that clamp's now sitting right on top. That causes it to kick up a little bit. We'll adjust that when we get over there. Not a big deal. I'm now going to come up to the front side here and then I'm just going to slide this back so it will go around our bars as well. There we go; I've got that on there, got that on there. Push it all the way up into its most forward position. Now we'll lift on our lever and we're going to tighten down the black dial. That draws that lower portion of our clamp up around the bottom side of our bar as you can see there. Then we'll cam our larger lever over to secure it in place. Tighten that up just a little bit. I really like that it's just a quick, easy adjustment in there. You don't have to spend a lot of time dialing anything in or trying to get it perfect. It's got that black dial. Tighten that up and then cam our lever over to secure it. There we go. Got our passenger side nice and secure. We want to be sure that our black adjustment dials, the dials that allow us to move it forward and back, want to make sure we tighten those back down. We don't want to leave them loose and have them rattle off. Now we'll just pull down this side. We've got a nice handle here or a nice edge that is going to give us the grip we need to close it. Also, when opening we've got a nice slot there. Real easy one-handed operation. We bring it down close. Our lever's going to click up into position. Turn it to lock and pull the key. As you can see, we've got a rolled edge. Well you can't see it; it's on the underneath. We got a rolled edge on the underside here. Then this large lip that comes down and over will really give us some good protection from the rain, dirt, and debris. Let's head on over here to our driver side. We're going to repeat the same process that we did on the passenger side. Place our key in, open the box, allow it to come up. Now we just position our foot packs where we want them. Now I've loosened up my clamp over here to bring this one down and around. Just so you know I loosened that rear clamp up so now I'm going to of course resecure that. You'll see if you take a look here. When I cammed that lever closed you see how it draws that bottom part of that clamp right up against the crossbar. Does a really good job of grabbing a hold for us. Push it on closed. Now all we've really got left to do is load it down with some gear and we can get heading down the road. Now at the rear of the box they do make a nice taper or a bevel here. That is to allow us some extra room when opening our rear hatch, as you can see, in this case we can open this Subaru's hatch most of the way, still get in there and get stuff in and out that what we'd want. This Subaru's going to have one of the more tall spoilers that are out there on the market. Most other vehicles we should be able to open this without a big issue. We're now going to head out and let you see what this box looks like in action. That will complete today's look at the Yakima SkyBox 12, a rooftop cargo carrier with 12 cubic feet of storage space. Part number is Y07175. .

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