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Yakima Roof Basket Review - 2018 Toyota Yaris

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Review of the Yakima Roof Basket on a 2018 Toyota Yaris

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima SkinnyWarrior rooftop basket here on our 2018 Toyota Yaris. Now the Yaris is a small car and trying to maximize your cargo space, probably the better way to do that is with a roof basket. Roof baskets are nice because you can load them up with your extra gear and you're not height-limited like you would be with a box. You can have some more oversized items in here so long as it's strapped down properly and within that 165 pound weight capacity.

With that weight capacity, though, just be mindful of your roof rack's capacity and the roof on your Yaris. You wanna take whichever number is the lowest and go with that one before loading up your gear. Now, overall though, as much as the SkinnyWarrior might not look like it fits very well on this car, I would maybe go for a more square-shaped basket myself, just to fill out the side-to-side a bit better, it does have some good purposes. So let's say you're maybe hauling lumber or something. You can remove this front fairing and you can run lumber or long kind of thinner items through the rack front to back, strap it down.

So this might be a good way to haul some of those more elongated items. And in general, it's just gonna haul really whatever you need it to. As far as specific dimensions go, let's get some interior measurements. So from side to side, you've got 21 inches of space. And from front to back, go ahead and get that run out there.

It's quite long at 54 and a half inches of length. So that's your space in between the bars here. So if you've got specific gear that you're looking to haul, lay it out, see if it fits within those dimensions. And you've got plenty of points to tie down all of that gear to. All of these bars, you can feed straps through, run a hook around.

It's gonna work really well. Now the clamp system is tool-free. You've just got these hand knobs. One thing I will say about it with the roof rack we have because we have to mount our crossbars in these specific locations, the clamps don't line up quite well. That's a disadvantage of this design is the clamps don't slide along tracks. They have specific points they can mount at. So, in this case, they just don't really line up well wherever you put them. It's still getting a good hold, but just another thing to think about, and maybe look into a roof basket that does have a sliding track system so you can get the exact right fit for those clamps. But if you do have the need for an elongated cargo basket, you know what you're gonna haul, you know it's gonna fit that kind of size and that style, then I think this will be great for your Yaris. Thanks for watching..

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