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Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket with Extension Review

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Review of the Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket with Extension

Today we're going to be taking a look at Yakima Load Warrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket with extension kit. Part number Y07070-74. The Yakima Load Warrior Extension Kit is great for carrying a wide variety of things on your roof basket, and freeing up space in your vehicle, or putting things up there that you simply can't put in your vehicle. Right now we have our bike installed with a kayak, as well as our duffle bag. This also has brackets for it available which are for shovels, light brackets, and spare tire carriers. Just be sure when you place these items onto your roof basket that they are secured properly. Now with our basket and everything attached you can see that we didn't have to remove our antenna here to install it.

Now if we remove our bow and stern tie down here from our kayak carrier you can also see that clearance will not be an issue between our hatch, and our items, or the cargo basket as well. We've gone ahead and taken off the accessories just so we can show some of these other features a little more closely. Up at the front we do have a fairing which is included with the cargo basket. Once you install this, this is going to reduce the wind noise and vibration while you're driving. This is very easy to install, it simply clamps onto your existing roof rack. However you can replace this with a part that is sold separately that can actually lock the brackets down to the roof rack, and secure it to your roof rack.

That's going to be part number Y07064. It's made from a sturdy galvanized steel construction, and it includes a powder coat to resist corrosion. The basket capacity can carry up to three bikes, one bike and one kayak, or one canoe. Basket weight capacity is 196 pounds. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the Load Warrior with Extension Kit, let's go ahead and show you how it actually installs onto the vehicle. We'll first get an extra set of hands since this is a little bit longer, and set it on top of our roof rack.

Next we'll install our brackets to attach it to our roof rack. Start at the back here, lifting up and putting our bottom bracket on, and just pushing it into place around our bars here. Then pushing it all the way up, and then we'll take our metal bracket, or top piece, which is this here, and you want to make sure that this hooked portion of it goes over the bar here. So it'll set down like so. With our rear bracket in place we'll repeat this for our other three connection points. Next we'll install our bottom half of the clamp. You'll notice that one side has a square hole while the other has an elongated hole.

Now in the square hole we'll put the round bolt through like so, then with the elongated hole, the T-bolt that we have will go through there. Let's go ahead and install those with our turn knobs. We'll repeat this process for our other connection points. Now that we have our cargo basket installed we can start loading up our gear. With this bar here in the center we can actually attach a bike rack, as well as a kayak carrier. There you have it for the Yakima Load Warrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket with Extension Kit, part number Y07070-74.

Seb P.


Hi, I can't see how do you secure the Jaylow carriers to the roof basket. Any chance you can send us a couple of photos? Regards,

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The JayLow Kayak Carrier # Y04073 uses the included adapters to clamp onto the round loadbar on the LoadWarrior # Y07070-74 . This basket only comes with one bar so if you're planning on using accessories like the JayLow you'll need a second one as part #



Hey Jon , so just to clarify before I go spend half a grand :p I can use jay low hooks as long as I have 2 accesory bars for my mega warrior basket

Les D.


@Justin Yes, you will need two load bars on your Mega Warrior Basket to use the JayLow Kayak Carrier. The basket comes with one - you will need to purchase one more.

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