Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2017 Ram 1500

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Review of the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2017 Ram 1500

Today on our 2017 RAM 1500 we'll be taking a look at the Yakima Roof Rack. This is consisting of the Yakima Jet Stream Cross Bars, part number Y00426, the Yakima Baseline Towers, part number Y000146, and the Yakima Base Clip Fit Kits for our RAM 1500, using part number Y06135. The Yakima Roof Rack Fit Kit allows you to carry any roof rack accessories on your vehicle's roof, whether that's bike racks, cargo baskets, cargo boxes, or water sport accessories. The cross bars themselves are an aerodynamic shape, so they're going to be quiet, reduce wind noise and drag. They also come with weather strips to help keep dirt, debris, and liquid out of your cross bars. It's going to provide a little bit of extra cushion and allow you to carry channel mounted accessories. The weight capacity of this kit is 165 pounds, though you do want to check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure it can withstand that much weight. The cross bars themselves are 60" long, though you can get longer or shorter bars, you just want to make sure that they don't extend out past your vehicle's side view mirrors.

The Yakima Roof Rack Kit is a quick and easy installation. We'll show you how to do that now. Everything that you see here on our table is what's included with our kit. The only thing that you will need to provide yourself is a flat tape measure of some sort. We've got our covers for the end of our baseline towers, the fit kit portion that goes onto our baseline tower, and then we have our adapters here that come with our cross bars. That's going to allow us to attack our baseline towers to our cross bar.

We have our included tool here, this is going to act as a torque tool as well. Then we have our end cap for our cross bar. Now we've gone ahead and removed this rubber strip that was inside the channel. Whenever you do install your cross bar onto your vehicle, you'll start by inserting your baseline tower and measuring out to the specific measurements as for your vehicle. Then you'll take this rubber strip and you'll cut it. That will insert in between your two foot packs into the channel as well as on the outside, in between the end cap and that baseline tower so that you won't have to worry about wind noise or drag.

It's going to help to reduce that and give it more of an aerodynamic feel. For demonstration purposes we're not going to use this, so we're just going to set it to the side. We'll just show you how to install that last baseline tower. We're going to take our baseline tower, we'll take the plastic portion of the adapter and insert it into the top. It just snaps right in. Then we'll take the metal piece and we're going to place it on top.

We'll flip this around to the front and we want to open up this little door here. We can flip the tower over and you'll see our bolt there. That's the one that we're going to tighten down. We'll just use our included tool, we want to tighten that down so that the metal adapter is in line with the plastic adapter. We'll then take our baseline tower and slide it onto our cross bar. Now we don't want to tighten up that metal adapter too much, because it won't allow us to slide this easily on. Once we get this slid on, we're going to set it to 46 and 1/4. Now it may be difficult to see, but once you get your bar you can see it a little easier. There are measurements all along the outside here. We'll open up that door one more time, and we're going to tighten down this bolt all the way. We'll grab the plastic and rubber bottom for our fit kit, and we're just going to snap that on to our baseline tower. Then we'll take our end cap for our cross bar, and we're just going to slide that onto the end. Now we're ready to set this onto our vehicle, and we can start to tighten everything down. We do suggest getting a ladder or step-stool of some sort. I'm just going to take our cross bar and set it across our roof. Now we can take our measurement and set this in the correct spot. The cross bar spread is going to me 32" from the front of our front cross to the front of our back bar. Once we have one side in place we'll go around to the other and make sure that's in the correct spot. Now we can open up our doors and place on our clamps. We'll start by taking one clamp, we want to open up this grey door. On the inside we're going to insert our clamp and attach it to the hook on the bottom of this nut. Then we'll take our tool and we'll start to tighten this down. I like to tighten it down so that my clamps are sitting just up against my door frame, holding it in place. Now we'll do the same to other side. Now we're going to go back and forth, tightening up this bolt until it's completely tightened down. You'll hear that clicking sound, that's when the torque tool has enough torque behind the bolt and we know that it's completely tight. We'll close up this cover. We can place on our covers for each of the doors. Just place these on and make sure they click into place. With those loaded up, we're ready to load up any of our accessories and gear and hit the road. That's going to be our completed look at the Yakima Roof Rack Kit on our 2017 RAM 1500.

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