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Yakima Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Yakima Hitch Bike Racks on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aidan here with And today we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima HangTight 6 bike rack here on our 2021 Toyota Forerunner. Now, this is a very fun bike rack. You don't often see something that can carry six bikes in one place. If you're looking to carry this many bikes maybe you've looked into a 4 bike rack plus two on the roof, or something like that.

Or you just haven't had much luck finding something. This is gonna be able to hold six across the top like this with 37 and a half pounds of weight capacity per bike. This is great if you're a family with more than two kids, you need that extra space. Or you've just got a large group of cycling friends. You're loading everyone into the Forerunner.

You've got the third row up and you need to hold all those bikes, somehow, this is a great option. And honestly, for the way it holds it, it's pretty solid. There's not a lot of movement in this bike at all. So I really like that. It's something that you just don't see that often and it works.

So right away I wanna show you how it's attaching. We've got the cradle here on the bottom that's holding it in with the strap here. We can slide these back and forth a bit if we need to. And up top, it's hanging by the handlebars in these really heavily padded cradles with two straps on either side. So again, up and down side to side, it's really secure.

I'll go ahead and start getting this removed here so we can get a closer look at the rack. So we can press the button on the side here to release the ratcheting strap and the same deal up top, push in that button and pull out the straps. Now it is a bit of a reach up here to get to it, but again, compared to hauling some bikes on your roof, especially for the Forerunner, this is way more manageable height wise. And I would much rather do this than try to lift my bike completely overhead onto the roof and risk scratching up the paint of my car, or something like that. And from here, once it's all done just lift it up and out like that. It's really not too bad. And the reason we want to get this unloaded is the bike rack can tilt away to give you hatch access, but you aren't going to want to have your bikes loaded. So you can push the foot lever, lower it down nice and slow. And it stops right there. It tilts back really far and that's partially why we don't want the bikes loaded it's 'cause there will probably be ground contact there. So once we're at our site if we need to go and change our shoes before or after our ride we can, no problem at all. And if you have the bikes loaded and you need something outta here, luckily your Forerunner has that sliding back window. So there is plenty of room to get in between the two with your bikes loaded and get something if you need it. And I'm gonna go ahead and replace these straps here just to make sure everything is secure and we can get some measurements. So as far as how far this is going to stick out from your bumper, gonna measure out to the outermost point here which is 19 and a half inches. Now keep in mind with your bikes loaded you are gonna be adding a bit out there as well. But honestly, when you compare it to some 4 bike platform racks it's still gonna stick out, not as far. So that's pretty impressive to me. Now, as far as ground clearance goes we are gonna be working with 17 and a half inches to the bottom of the bike rack here. I think with the Forerunner pretty high off the ground here that will be plenty to work with. Now down here we can see it fits a two inch by two inch receiver tube and comes with a nice locking anti rattle bolt. There is a spot up top to loop a cable lock through. So if you want to get that and keyed-alike with this hitch lock, you absolutely can. That way your rack stays locked to your vehicle and your bike stay locked to your rack. And overall, I think it's a really nice bike rack. Again, if you're looking to haul six bikes you don't have many options. And in my opinion this is one of the better ways to do it. Overall I think it's gonna be a really nice bike rack for the Forerunner and all your adventures. Thanks for watching..

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