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Yakima Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Yakima Hitch Bike Racks on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima OnRamp here on our 2021 Toyota 4Runner. Now, the OnRamp is an e-bike rack that's going to hold up to 66 pounds per bike and with an off-road capacity or an RV rating of 40 pounds per bike. It's gonna hold the bike really well. You've got the clamp, the cradle up top, holding that tube, keeping it upright, and the two straps on each wheel holding that down in place as well. It is a tray-style design, so if you do have two bikes of similar sizes you could kind of rotate them, lean them, not lean them but set them offset from each other so you don't have any sort of seat handlebar conflict which I really like.

Now, like some other platform style bike racks on the market, this does tilt away with the bikes loaded. It is a little bit more involved though. You have to come down to the pivot point here and remove the safety pin on the right and then you have a pinch pin on the left. So pinch that together, pull it out, and now we can tilt. Keep a good hand and a good grip on that center mast and slowly let it down.

Now I will say compared to something like the Hollywoodracks Destination E-Bike Rack, that one's really easy to tilt down because you can do it from here. you don't have all that weight coming down on top of you. This one, if you've got it fully loaded it can get really heavy. It's not my favorite design and it is a little bit cumbersome to do on your own. So if you do have a second set of hands, have them pull the pins, you take the weight while you're standing here and I'd feel a lot more confident with that but that might not be a concern for you.

It's just all up to what your needs are. Now, something else really unique about this rack is the integrated ramp. So we've got a hand knob here that you can just take off and then bring up our ramp piece. I like that it stores on the rack. It makes it really easy to just have it with you at all times and then we can feed the teeth for it in on the end of the tray and set it down like that and it's locked in place.

This is able to be done on either side of the tray so if you've got more room on one side versus the other that'll work. So to remove the bike, we'll start with the wheel straps since those aren't holding the bike upright, and then we can come to the clamp up here, rotating that out of the way, and then we can walk our bike down. We'll have to watch out for the pedal on that center mass but once you've got that kind of tilted by, you can just walk the bike down. Now this ramp is pretty narrow and it is a tight fit for the bike we have today, but it is doable. A ramp is better than no ramp in my opinion but that Hollywoodracks Destination that we mentioned earlier has a much wider ramp and I kind of like it better just for the sake of it feeling a little more sturdy but this one will do just fine as well. And then when you're done, just store it back on that stud, secure it down with the hand knob and we're good to go. I will also take the time now to fold down this center mass by just pulling this thing out, folding it down and you'll see it automatically clicks into place. And we can go ahead and get some measurements here. Starting with our ground clearance. We do have a good rise in the shank here giving us 25 inches of ground clearance at the bottom of the rack here with a lot of room. I don't think we're gonna ever have to worry about bottoming out with this rack. As far as distance added goes, we will be adding 31 inches from the back of the forerunner to the back of the rack and it is a longer vehicle so just be cautious of that when you've got it up. Now, what we can do is come to those same two pins we used earlier to tilt it and fold it up right against the vehicle. So if we want to leave this on between rides that way, it's just ready to go, we can, and it takes up a whole lot less space. This is going to cut down our distance added all the way to 15 inches so that's way more manageable. You might be able to pull it in your garage and get the door closed behind it and it's gonna be way easier in those tight parking spots. Down at the bottom, it does have an anti-rattle and will work with a two-inch by two-inch receiver tube, keeping things nice and tight here and stable going down the road. Now, overall, I like the OnRamp a lot. It's gonna hold those e-bikes really well and make 'em really easy to load and unload with the ramp. I do personally like the Hollywoodracks Destination a bit better just for that ease of tilting away but either way you go, they're gonna be a really great fit for your 4Runner. Thanks for watching..

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