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Yakima Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Toyota Highlander

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Review of the Yakima Hitch Bike Racks on a 2018 Toyota Highlander

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima OnRamp 2-Bike Rack here on our 2018 Toyota Highlander. Now the OnRamp is a really nice bike rack for hauling e-bikes. It's gonna have a 66 pound weight capacity per bike and is RV/off-road rated for 40 pounds per bike. 66 pounds is very capable for your e-bikes. You just wanna make sure you take that battery off before you hit the road just for safety purposes and to save a bit of weight.

Now it does hold the bike really well on the rack. You've got two straps down on the tray, holding it down, and this clamp, padded and rotates to adapt to any sort of frame style, and that holds it upright. Now with bike racks like this, platform style bike racks, some of them do tilt away with the bikes loaded. And this one's no exception. You're gonna wanna come down to the pivot point here.

On the right side you have a pin, that's just held in by that. And then we've got a pinch pin on the left side that will pinch, pull out, and start to ease down. Now I'm gonna be honest. This one is not my favorite because I have to get down really low to the ground to get that undone. And then I'm opening myself up to all of that weight coming down on top of me, especially if I have it fully loaded with two e-bikes that are maxed out.

It's a lot of weight to be carrying up here. So, something I like as an alternative is the Hollywood Racks Destination E-bike Rack. That's gonna be really solid because you actually get between the car and the bike rack and lower it down from here. It puts you in a way safer place, and it's really easy to do, but that's just my personal preference. And again, with this much weight, you want it to be easy.

You don't want it to be something that you feel like it might come down on top of you, leaving you kind of trapped beneath. So I would maybe recommend having a second set of hands if you have it fully loaded. Now, the big reason this bike rack stands out is the ramp, it's built into the rack here. So if we just come to the bottom, we've got a knob that we can loosen up and that will let us take off our included ramp. Now this can be attached on either side of the rack. So for our purposes, I'll come over to this side. We can feed the teeth in, lower it down, and then it's locked in place. Now, compared to the Destination that I compared it to earlier, that also has a ramp, but here's a thing. It doesn't store on the bike rack, and it can only be used on one side of the rack. It's not interchangeable from side to side. So, there are some tradeoffs there, and you've just gotta decide which one is more important for you to have. Do you want that adjustability of the ramp and the ease of storage Or do you want a nice, simple to use tilting feature Either way, you can't go wrong though. They're both great racks. And now, just wanna make sure you get the pedal by that center mast. That can be a little bit tricky, but we can get it right there and ease it down the ramp here. This ramp is significantly narrower than that one from Hollywood Racks. So that's another point that I maybe like the Hollywood Racks better, but overall it gets the job done. And then when you're finished using it, just grab it, pop it back on the stud. And we can actually walk around here to where I put the hand knob and reattach it. So you don't have to worry about forgetting it in your car or anything like that. I also like to replace these wheel straps, just so they're out of the way. And we can fold down the center mast to save up on that space too, by pulling that pin, lowering it down, and it'll snap in place. So with it like this, let's go ahead and get some measurements, starting with our ground clearance. We do have a bit of rise in the shank, which will give us 21 inches of ground clearance to the bottom of these little hand knobs here. So that's plenty of room. I don't think you'll have any issues sort of bottoming out on steep driveways, hills, things like that. And as far as length added goes, we are sitting here at 29 inches added to the back of your Highlander. That's not too bad, but the Highlander is a longer car. So in those parking spots and your garage, be careful. You can fold it upright though, by again, coming to the same pins that we did before to tilt it down and tipping it upright until we hear that lock, and pop the second pin in on the side for security. Now, we can take that measurement again and see that we're only adding 13 inches to the back of the Highlander. That's much more reasonable. If you are looking to store it in your garage with the door closed, you might be able to get away with it. Now down at the hitch here, we do have a two inch by two inch receiver tube, with an included anti-rattle bolt, keeping things nice and solid here. And overall, it's just gonna hold the rack up really well. Now when it comes to e-bike racks, my personal preference, I think I lean more towards that Hollywood Racks Destination, just for the ease of tilting, but either way you can't go wrong. They're both great racks. They're gonna hold your e-bikes really well and keep things really solid going down the road. Thanks for watching..

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