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Yakima FullTilt Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2015 Dodge Charger

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Review of the Yakima FullTilt Hitch Bike Racks on a 2015 Dodge Charger

Today on our 2015 Dodge Charger we're doing a test fit of the Yakima Fulltilt Hanging Style 4 bike rack. That part number is Y02462. Now we already have our bike secured down. We're first going to show you how you do that and then we'll go over some features of the rack itself. We have 3 zip strips in place that are going to hold our bike down. 2 on our frame and 1 is our anti-sway on the back. To release those we're going to push on the gray buttons on either side and pull that strip out.

Notice that anti-sway is the last. I'm going to set those to the side and we'll need them in just a minute. First we'll remove our bike and set that off to the side. Then with our bike out of the way we'll take our zip strips and replace those so we don't lose or damage any of them while they're not on our rack. All right, now that we've got those replace we're going to take a few measurements. Our first one is going to be our overall that we've added to vehicle with our arms hanging out.

We've added about 35 and a quarter inches to our vehicle. If we did want to park in close quarters parking we could come up to this red lever here and lift straight up on that. It's actually going to allow us to swing those arms down where they'll lock into place. Then we can take another measurement here. You'll see that we're now only adding about 8 and a half inches to our vehicle.

Our ground clearance is going to be about 5 and a half inches and our closest point is going to be about 4 inches away down at the bottom. Now we do have the option to tilt our bike rack away from our vehicle. To do so we're going to pull our black lever here and now let's tilt that rack away. It goes far enough down that we're going to have full access into our cargo area and to even pull out larger items that we may need. If we have a big box we can pull it right over the top of that bike rack. Close that up.

Then to put our bike rack back into place you simply just lift until that black latch snaps into place. Down at our hitch here this actually works with inch and a quarter and two inch hitches. We have our 2 inch sleeve right there. As you can see we don't have a hitch pin or clip. We have an integrated pin. If you push the gray button here on the shrink of the bike rack you can see that that pin moves in. That's going to allow you to pull your bike rack out of your hitch. Before you do that you do want to loosen up your red knob back here. This is actually your anti-lateral device. I got a key that comes with it that will secure that down to prevent anyone from loosening up your bike rack and taking it off of your vehicle. This is a great way to keep your bike rack stable so you're not going to have much play or shake in the rack itself. That's going to be our completed look at the Yakima Fulltilt Hanging Style 4 Bike Rack. Part number Y02462 on our 2015 Dodge Charger. Here on our test inaudible 00:03:52 we'll start by going through the inaudible 00:03:54. This is going to show us the side to side option which simulates turning corners or evasive maneuvers. Once you get to the alternating speed bumps we'll see the twisting action. This inaudible 00:04:05 a pot hole or driving over uneven pavement. Once we get to the full speed bumps we'll see the up and down action. This will be just like driving in and out of a parking lot, garage, or driveway.

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