Yakima FarOut Pro Expandable Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Yakima FarOut Pro Expandable Rooftop Cargo Bag

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Yakima FarOut Pro Expandable Rooftop Cargo Bag, part number Y07173. One of the great features of this rooftop cargo bag is its ability to expand. This bag actually can expand from 9 cubic feet to 12 cubic feet. All we need to do is unzip the lower zipper to expand our bag to the 12 cubic feet. The all-weather cargo carrier bag mounts directly to your vehicle's roof. No roof rack, crossbars, or side rails are required.

This bad does fit all roof styles. This bag is made out of a heavy-duty water-repellent fabric. The tape seams and the 2-1/2-inch wide protective flaps fold over the zippers to ensure that it's weather resistant. Here on the bottom of our bag we have the padded anti-skid bottom that helps prevent the bag from shifting and it also protects our vehicle's roof from scratches and abrasions. The convenient grab handles make it easy to lift and load the bag. On the top and side of our bag is a unique topographical print pattern.

The oversized pull tabs on the zippers make the closing the bag hassle-free. In order to lock our zippers, we would need to have a padlock, which is sold separately to lock our zippers together. Each buckle includes a handy bottle opener. This bag is collapsible for convenient storage. Now, we'll show you how to install the rooftop cargo bag onto your vehicle's roof. We'll place our cargo bag directly onto the roof of our vehicle.

Now, for today's demonstration, we'll be mounting our bag to our crossbars. This bag does have numerous mounting options as you can mount it to crossbars, side rails, in a basket, or on a naked roof. To mount it to our crossbars, we'll bring our strap around our crossbar. We'll attach the roof strap to the hook and then pull the hook strap tight. Then, we can use our hook and loop straps to secure our strap ends.

We'll move to the other three corners of the bag and repeat this process. With all four straps tight, we're now ready to load our bag. We'll unzip the upper zipper and then we can fold back the top and gently rest the flap on the front part of our vehicle. With our bag open, we'll go ahead and grab some gear and place it into our rooftop cargo bag. We always want to make sure that our zippers are set towards the rear of the bag. This will help them remain secure as it will keep it out of the wind. One of the great features of this bag is its ability to provide different mounting options. We're going to undo the crossbar mount and show you how to mount it to the side rail. We'll simply undo the strap and then bring it around our side rail. Then, we can fit the buckle through the loop attached to our bag and pull the excess strap tight to secure it around our bar. Then, all we have to do is repeat this process for the other straps and we're set to go. Now, we're going to show you how to mount if you have a vehicle with a naked roof. We'll open the rear of the bag and take our roof straps out of the compartment located on the inside of our rooftop cargo bag. We'll take our roof strap and attach it to one of the hooks. Then, we'll take the other side of our strap and attach it to the other hook on the other side of our vehicle. We'll pull the hook straps and then tighten them to secure our bag. Then, we can repeat this process for the rear strap. Now with our bag all loaded up, we'll go ahead and take it out for a test drive and show you how it looks going down the road. That completes today's review of the Yakima FarOut Pro Expandable Rooftop Cargo Bag, part number Y07173. .

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