Yakima Big PowderHound Ski and Snowboard Carrier Review

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Review of the Yakima Big PowderHound Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima Big PowderHound Roof-Mounted Ski and Snowboard Carrier, part number Y03082. Carry 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards up the mountain with the Yakima Big PowderHound Ski and Snowboard Carrier. Some of our customers have also told us that they work out great for holding your fishing poles. This carrier cradles your gear with soft rubber padding on the top and bottom, making for a safe, scratch-free ride. The large push button makes it easy to open even while wearing gloves or mittens. Both halves or our carrier lock, so we can rest assure that our gear is not going anywhere. Other similar carriers require an additional purchase to accommodate tall bindings. The lift brackets are included with this one.

It's going to work with your round, square, aero, and most factory roof rack systems. You just need to make sure that your crossbar is not larger than 3-7/8 of an inch wide or 1-1/4 inch tall. It features a limited lifetime warranty. It's easy to install. Let's go ahead and show you how to do that now.

We've already got our front half of our carrier installed on the front crossbar. Let's go ahead and show you how to do the rear one. We've got 1 clamp installed on 1 side. Let's do the next one together. First, let's open up our carrier, so we can do that by pressing on the button here at the end. We'll open it up.

I'm just going to lay it on its side. We'll take the shorter of the other screws. We're going to put that through the hole here. Then, we'll take the top cover portion of our clamp and we're going to slide that through the bolt. Just make sure that bolt goes all the way through. Then, we'll grab the top half of our clamp.

It's got a little nut on the top there. We need to line that up with the bolt and get it started. We can take our included tool and we're going to down through the top. We don't want to tighten it down all the way. We just need to make sure that it's attached and that it can move freely. Now, we can install the bottom half of our clamp. We're only going to put 1 bolt in, and then we can swing it around underneath our crossbar and put the other one in. We need to slide it up, freeing up the hole, bring in that bottom portion, and then get the bolt started. Now, we can go ahead and close up our carrier and head on over to our roof rack system, but before we do that, I just want to point out that if our skis had tall bindings, we could take our ski lifts and they would install between our carrier and our clamps right here. Now, we'll need to be sure to set it in place in line with the other one. Once we've got it in position, we can just swing our clamps around underneath. Then, we're going to need to pivot it to the other side. That way we can install our hardware through the hole here. Grab one of our bolts, drop that down through, line it up to the bottom portion of the clamp. Grab our tool and get that started. Once we get that started, let's go ahead and start the other one. Now, we can pivot to the other side and tighten the other side up a little bit. Once both of those clamps are tight on each side, let's go ahead and pivot it back to the center. Notice that it's covering both holes. Then, we can open it up and tighten down that center bolt. Perfect. Now, let's go ahead and load up some skis and some snowboards. Let's go ahead and open them up, slide on our skis. When loading up snowboards you can do 2 at a time. You just want to be sure that the bottoms are facing each other. Looks good. You can close it up. Then, we'll take our key, lock it up. We're ready to hit the road. That's going to complete our look at the Yakima Big PowderHound Roof-Mounted Ski and Snowboard Carrier, part number Y03082.

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