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XG Cargo Jeep Magellan Side Sportsbar Storage Bags Review

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Review of the XG Cargo Jeep Magellan Side Sportsbar Storage Bags

AJ: What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out the XG Cargo Magellan. These are good storage bags that's specifically designed for your Jeep. They strap on to the existing bars you have in there and stay up and out of the way. I like how they're angled and kind of let you still have this space down here on the floor, but you can store some extra stuff up here.

Let's check them out.I mentioned how the Magellan was made specifically for Jeeps. You can see how it wraps around the roll bar and kind of fits right in here. So it doesn't stick out a whole bunch and use any space on the ground. It's nice and angled like it's supposed to be there.It attaches with these three straps. We have it tightened down pretty tight, but you can see the padding underneath the buckles, so they're not going to damage any exposed roll bar or at the top where there's plastic, you don't have to worry about scratching that.

The clips go in just like any other buckles. Push it in, hear the snap, it's connected. That's going to be the same for this one, and the one on top. And I'll show you, it moves a little bit, but you don't have to worry about it going anywhere, it's on there pretty tight, like I said, and when you add some weight to it, it'll probably hold it down a little bit more.Another thing is it's not a pushy of a bag. You can't push in on it.

It's got the harden edge here, so you don't have to worry about if you we're to shove something back here, it would push in on it. It wouldn't damage it. Or if you went to go set it down, this still protects the bottom so if there's something maybe fragile you put it in there, it's still protected down here.Now it's got tactical webbing on the outside. So not only can you stuff it full of stuff on the inside, you can attach anything that has a clip on the outside. I think that's a nice feature just to...

Again, that extra stuff you have laying around in the back of your Jeep that you might need. It gets it up and off the ground and on this pack. That way, it's all in one place, easier to find when you need it.Now storage-wise, you have this big pocket right in here. Gives you plenty of room with the netting in there too. I like that. That way it holds the smaller items here. You don't have to go digging around for that stuff that might fall down. You have a clip, that way if you want to hang your water bottle or something up here and just let it free hang instead of trying to jam it in one of the pockets you have that, but it holds quite a bit of stuff. And plus you get two of them, so you're not limited to just the size of this one. It splits it up over there too.You also have a nice front pocket here. It's smaller so you can throw your keys in there, or put your wallet in there, zip it up. And that way you can take it with you because you can just unclip it, and then use the handle and take it with you on the go so if you get to a campsite, you want to go out there and use it. You can take it with you.The bag all over is made out of a heavy duty nylon and can hold up to 12 pounds. So it's going to hold quite a bit of gear for you on the go. If you're going climbing with your Jeep, I think this is a great solution. It's better than just getting some duffle bags and throwing them in the back because that takes up that floor space. This gets it up and out of the way, that way you can take more stuff with you or more people riding in the back. Well, thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped.

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