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XG Cargo Jeep Gear Box Cargo Organizer Review

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Review of the XG Cargo Jeep Gear Box Cargo Organizer

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're taking a look at this gearbox from XG Cargo. It's an organizer for the back of your Jeep. As you can see, we got a bunch of stuff that was just scattered around the back here. Got it nice and organized. Got a toolbox, some jumper cables, some bug spray, and it even comes with a nice flashlight and a med kit.

Let's take a closer look.You can see it's got that roll bar kind of design, so it fits right in with the back of your Jeep. Not to mention it comes with, like I said, the med kit and the flashlight, which clip onto this tactical webbing back here. So, these accessories go on there, if you have any other ones that work with that, you can thread it in through there and attach them. It gives you plenty of more space for your stuff. It's got a center pouch here.

That's perfect for those smaller items, such as this anti-rattle bolt or even keys to any accessories you have on your roof or your bikes. Perfect to put right there, that way you know where they all are and you won't lose them.It's also customizable. So, you can see the way we got it set up now. The toolbox fits in perfectly with the divider and this side, things are kind of piled up. If it was any different, we had a bigger toolbox, then you could move this divider here.

You just see the nice hook and loop strap right here on the front. There's the same on the back and the inside. Just go ahead and pop those off there. I'm coming on the inside, pull them off. Then the dividers out.

So, you don't even have to use it, or you can move it anywhere along the length as you want.Like I said before with the roll bar like design, this was made specifically for Jeeps. You can see on the bottom, it's got these feet that dig into the carpet to help keep it in place. Not to mention on the side, it's got a strap that straps into the anchor points back here so it doesn't move around. It's going to go side to side but I can't pull it out or tip it over as I'm pulling on it. So, yeah, you might get a little side to side in your travels but it's not going to flip over and spill out or go anywhere.Inside the included med kit are bandages, gauze, scissors, tweezers, and even an emergency rescue blanket. All things that hopefully, you never need to use, but they're there just in case.Another cool thing, it comes with this nice handy flashlight. One push of the button, it lights up the LEDs here out front. That gives you more area to cover when you use it. In combination with the magnet, you can actually work underneath the hood at night, put it up there, shines light on whatever you're working on. Not only that, it's got grips on the side to help you hold onto it. Another push of the button, it lights up here at the top on the head of the flashlight. It also can be manipulated to whatever you need. So, if you need to angle it differently, you got that option.We went ahead and emptied out, so you can see how much space you have to work with. And think about all the stuff in the back of your Jeep roll around, taking up a bunch more space than it needs to. It'd be nice if it was organized and you could actually find what you wanted to find when you wanted to find it. That's what this does.So, that does it for our look at the gearbox. I hope that helped..

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