Hopkins Winter Road Safety Kit with Emergency LED Flare Review

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Review of the Hopkins Winter Road Safety Kit with Emergency LED Flare

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with etrailer.com. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the winter safety kit. So, this is going to come with everything you kind of need if you're in a tough situation, or if it's just snowing. We are going to get a cover for our windshield, so if you are expecting some snow or some sleet, you don't want to have to get all that ice off. You can prepare with the cover, but if you don't prepare good enough, we do have a 4.5-inch scraper that's going to have a smooth side and an icebreaker as well.

Nice padded handle, too, so it's going to be a little bit easier on your hand. So, that'll help you get that ice and snow off if you didn't put the windshield cover over it, but if you're driving and you get stuck, we are going to have some traction pads here.So, this is going to be a wavy surface with a couple grips on the inside. You're just going to pretty much just slide this underneath your tires and it's just going to help it grab traction. These are going to be about eight inches wide, so it's going to cover most of the tires you guys may have. Also, it's going to be about 25 inches tall.

We come with two, so you can put it on either your front wheel drive or your rear wheel drive vehicles.And then, if that doesn't work, we do have a flare light. So we have a little hook on the back here. We can hang it from somewhere if we want to. It's magnetic. So this is going to have 15 diodes, and what that means is 15 lights, so we're going to have three up here and 12 all the way around.

We have a bunch of different modes. Press this power button and these are going to illuminate where you can click it again and you're going to get kind of a circular action, blinking. You want to get one here. It's going to be a little pulse, three blinks each time.Click it again. There's just going to be the same as like one, but just one blink each time, or you can eliminate the whole puck.

So this is going to. One, just make sure if you're putting this kind of stuff on or getting the ice off and you're next to the road, it's going to let the other drivers know that you're out working on your vehicle. Also, if you just wanted to have a blinking one, one of the safety people that are coming down the highway scraping off the ice might come by and help you. This is pretty much for your safety and just to make sure that everybody kind of knows where you're at, so it's definitely a nice addition to this kit.But let's just go ahead and see how this stuff works. All right guys, I'm stuck. I'm sitting here basically digging myself a hole so before I make it any worse, I'm going to grab those traction pads and see if that gets me out of this situation.So I'm going to take it by the handle and with this flatter piece, I'm going to take it and kind of just shove it underneath there; make sure it's nice in place. Let's see if that helps.Alrighty, we're out. That's awesome, and since it's got holes in it, hit it on the ground once or twice and it all kind of falls through. So a little bit of snow on there, but it's not packed enough so it's not going to get the inside of my Tahoe all wet.Earlier, we got stuck in a parking lot, which, this light, I mean you don't really have to put it out when there's a parking lot, but, as you can see here, we're right next to a highway and we're stuck, so this is probably when you want to use your light. You turn it on.I'm just going to probably use just the one facing straight back as the traffic's coming this way and I can either just hang it on that or, for the bad thing about it is a lot of this is not metal, but I can put it on my hitch there, so that'd be nice, and that's just to let them know that they need to be cautious because I'm here trying to get unstuck.So our first mode here is going to just eliminate those three LEDs in the front. It's just going to be solid red. Second mode, it's going to go around in the circle, lighting up all 12 of those diodes. Do it again. We're going to have a flash. It's an intermittent 3V and then this one's just going to be a quick pulse, one flash each time, and then of course we're going to have the whole illuminated puck.So we we're testing this out during the daylight. It wasn't an overcast day but not too visible. It's going to be mainly for your nighttime emergency situations. Also, just in case, if you drop it, it has some rubber ribs all the way on the outside, so it should be pretty durable.Alrighty, I just got to work at etrailer. It's snowing so I'm going to use my windshield cover that came with the kit just to prepare so when I'm ready to go today, I don't have to scrape off my windshield. It's going to come apart to one piece. So these sleeves are just going to go over our side view mirrors. All right, put it like so. Do the same on the other side. This is going to be a pretty universal fit and it goes all the way up.So we're going to have a string on both sides. What we want to do is just kind of open up our cover, put it on the inside and close it. Do the same thing on the other side. We're going to do the same thing on this side and then grab both of them. They're going to hook up into each other just to give you that nice tight fitment. So it's going to give you a pretty good coverage. It's pretty universal as well, so you don't have to use a fit guide to grab the right one. We do have a lot more on etrailer.com, so if you wanted a custom fit and you liked the idea of the kit, just grab everything individually. We sell everything individually on etrailer.com And also, I mean it gives us a decent amount of sunlight protection and privacy, so if you wanted to use this in the summer, go for it.So our sleeves for our mirrors are going to be about 14 by 14. I don't really see these fitting a lot of those bigger pickup trucks or if you have aftermarket towing mirrors, so that is something to keep in mind as well. You might just have to go and grab a custom-fit cover for your windshield. Also, if it is a little too big for your smaller cars, we do have adjustments here. You can shorten it up a little bit just by pulling that, just to make sure it has the right fitment, but for my Tahoe here, we used the whole length of it just because it's a relatively bigger vehicle. So luckily, whenever I get out of work, I won't have to be scraping off my windshield, but this also does come with the kit.It doesn't have a cover or anything, but it does have a foam grip, so it's going to help you out a little bit. But I won't have to use this 'cause I have my cover on my windshield, but before I go in, might as well help somebody out and scrape that off. I'm not going to be utilizing the ice scraper cause we don't really have any ice here right now but it does have that as well if you need to break some of that thicker ice you may get. But there's definitely longer ones here at etrailer that you can grab, so you can make this like a one-time deal. With this, I kind of have to go to the other side and then scrape it off, and you notice how I'm not even using the pad 'cause it's such a small scraper, and I don't want to get my hands all wet.I'm kind of reaching over too, getting a bunch of snow and all the snow is kind of falling on my feet, too, so this one, it's great. It gets the job done but grab a longer one if you don't want to get all wet and snowy like I am right now.So if you don't have any of these items already, this would be a good kit to grab, but I do think I can find probably a more higher quality scraper and, with these traction pads too, there's probably better ones out on the market, if you don't even already have tire chains. These are going to definitely help you out and be a good one-stop-shop for everything you need in those situations.

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