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Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars Review

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Review of the Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars, in the polished stainless steel.Now this is what our nerf bars are gonna look like installed on the truck. As you can see, really nice, clean appearance. Typically when we get a call from a customer requesting nerf bars it's one of two things; either they want a little bit of help getting in and out of the vehicle, or they wanna improve the appearance of the truck.Now, the nerf bar kit is gonna be a full cab length design, so not only are we getting the step here on on our driver's door, it's gonna give us an area for the rear passengers to step out and on. They've got the polished stainless steel look, and each end has been turned in to kinda follow the contours of the vehicle and give it a nice, clean look. Now unlike the older nerf bars that we're typically round, these are gonna be an oval, 5" wide, nerf bar; that's gonna give us a lot more surface area.Now the steps themselves are also 5" wide, as you can see there's a nice flat surface here. The raised texture is gonna prevent our foot slipping side to side even if they might be wet.

Now the steps are constructed of a UV resistant polymer, so unlike the older style bars we're not gonna have the fading, the cracking, or deterioration that we used to.Another additional improvement that I really appreciate on these nerf bars, as compared to older style, is that we no longer have the plastic cap that just sits in the end. They've completely sealed both ends here, that prevents moisture from getting inside, and we won't have that rusting from the inside out that we used to get.Now, another thing you're really gonna like about these nerf bars is, it's gonna come with all the hardware and brackets that you're gonna need to attach it to the truck. There's gonna be no drilling or modifications of the truck required.And to begin our installation, you wanna grab one of your brackets; you're gonna have six of them, they're all identical, so they're all gonna go the same position. And we if we come from the wheel well, we wanna look for the first little tab that stick out with a hole in it. We're gonna use one of our clip nuts, we'll slide that up and on there.

We've got our M8 bolt, the lock washer and flat washer, that's gonna thread into the weld nut on the back side of the body. Then we wanna take one of our flange nuts, it's got the lock washer on it, and that's gonna thread into the bottom part of the bracket. Now we'll do that same thing for the middle position as well.Now, for the rear mount location, we wanna come back, this would be the back edge of the cab, be the first tab with the hole in it in front of that. You can see a larger hole here, with this small hole. We use the larger hole to get our clip nut in place, same thing here for the bottom, then we'll use the same style fasteners for both of those locations.

Now we're gonna snug each one of these down without fully tightening it, we still want a little bit of play in our bracket. Now, our lower bolts are gonna use a 12 mm, the upper bolts use a 13 mm.Now we'll position our step right up on our brackets. There are two nut inserts on the bottom at each of our bracket locations; we wanna line those up with the two elongated holes in our bracket, then we can thread in one of our cap head M10 bolts, and that should have a serrated lock washer on it, and a flat washer at each location. We're gonna do that for the two holes at each bracket.With all six of those in place, we'll finish snugging down our bracket bolts. Now we'll torque those to the specifications listed in our instructions.

Now you'll just wanna adjust your step; you can see we've got a little bit of movement room in there. So it's level, then we'll tighten down those cap head bolts. For these we're gonna use a 6 mm. Now you also wanna torque those down to the specifications in your instructions. Now once you've got your passenger side taken care of and all torqued down, you just repeat that exact same process for the driver's side.Now, with everything torqued down properly, that completes our installation of the Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars, in the polished stainless steel.

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