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Westin HDX Punch Plate Grille Guard Review

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Review of the Westin HDX Punch Plate Grille Guard

Salesperson Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer, and today, we're taking a look at the Westin HDX line of Grille Guards for trucks. Now this is gonna be a great option to give your truck a tough appearance, but also give it protection from any road hazards or even if you're going offroading from those branches, and especially in the Midwest, deer. Now this is available in two different colors. It's gonna be our black powder coat finish here, and there's also a polished stainless as well so it can match the aesthetic of your vehicle. Now when you are choosing your grille guard for your vehicle, make sure to use the fit guide here at to make sure that you're getting the proper grille guard for your vehicle. Now, regardless of what vehicle you may have, it is going to contour it and be custom fit to your vehicle.

That way, your headlights are still gonna have beams come out and they're not gonna be blocked. And also, this is all a one piece design. And this also contours to the shape of the hood, so it's gonna fit nice and tight, but it's gonna work on your vehicle because it's custom tailored to it. Now, the entire grille guard is one piece, so it's quite large, but also that gives it rigidity. There's no loose pieces that can come off over time.

Even this mesh is welded onto it. So overall, very, very tough. Now the only pieces that won't be part of the one piece design are gonna be the brackets that you're gonna use to bolt it onto your vehicle. And even those are going to be directly bolted into your frame. So I mean, it is extremely solid once you have it bolted up.

Now you'll notice here on the main braces these protrude out the furthest, and it actually has a nice rubber coating on it, so that's gonna allow it to prevent any major scratches or nicks. That way, if you do catch some trees or limbs as you're off on the wilderness or out on the trails, it's gonna keep it looking nice and you're not gonna have gouges out of the front. Now the mesh is really nice because it's gonna protect any large things from hitting your grill, and it's gonna keep it looking good. And another thing is having mesh is gonna be great because you still maintain all that airflow. It's not gonna cause this to get hot, but you still have all of that protection.

This mesh is also attached to these cross member bars here, so it's really solid. It's not gonna have any flex to it, whereas a large area might. Now overall, this is a extremely sturdy design and you can see that throughout all of the bars. Now installation is probably gonna vary from vehicle to vehicle, but this one that we had here, you can knock it out in about an hour or two. And you are gonna probably want an extra person there with you just to kinda get this in place and bolt it in. It's rather kinda heavy and cumbersome, so having someone there to help you is gonna make a big difference. And overall, it's a pretty easy install and I think it's totally worth it. I've totaled the vehicle out by hitting a deer and I know a lot of friends that own farms, and these are great for cattle or anything along those lines that if it prevents your vehicle from getting totally damaged one time, it's totally worth it. And that was a look at the Westin line of HDX Grille Guards..

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