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Weigh Safe 180 Hitch 2-Ball Mount Review

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Review of the Weigh Safe 180 Hitch 2-Ball Mount

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Weigh Safe line of 180 hitch two ball mounts. These are available for multiple size hitches in different rise and drop combinations.Now, to find the right drop that you're going to need you'll start by measuring the inside top edge of your receiver tube opening down to the ground, and you'll record that measurement. Then you'll use your trailer jack and level out your trailer, and you'll measure to the bottom of the coupler here. That difference figure is going to be the drop that you need. If this is at 21 and if our trailer, the bottom edge of the coupler here is at 17, we'll know we need 4 inches of drop. You want to measure all the trailers that you have and make sure that you buy a ball mount that has the right drop or rise for your configuration.Now, having a fully adjustable ball mount like this really makes towing and hauling much safer.

You can see here on our smaller utility trailer we had to drop it down to keep everything level, but with our trailer level, as we accelerate and brake the trailer's going to be pushing straight on the back of the truck. If this coupler we're too high, when we tried to stop it would push up on the back of the truck, when we'd take off it would pull down. Vice versa, if the tongue was too low, when we would stop it would push down on the back of the truck and when we accelerate that's going to pull up, so this is going to give us a much safer towing solution. Now we'll head over to the bigger trailer and see how it works there.Now, in this situation we've got an enclosed trailer. This has the 2-5/16 inch ball, and as you can see, the coupler is up a lot higher than what it was on our smaller trailer.

In this situation, you would have to have multiple ball mounts in order to make this work with different size balls, and a lot of time you'll have to switch those inaudible 00:01:39 take them off one ball mount and put them on the other.In this case, we can just pull our locking pin here on the side, slide that out. Now we'll rotate our ball down and around, bring it up to our appropriate height. We can replace our pin. I'm going to go up just a little bit higher than that to make sure we keep our trailer level. Then of course, to keep dirt and grime from getting into our lock, we want to put our dust cover back on.

Then we can lower our trailer down onto the ball.Now, if your trailer is even higher than the enclosed trailer we have, it's a super easy process to get it in the rise position. Of course, you'll pull your pin and clip or lock, and it's just a matter of flipping it right over. It's going to work exactly the same. You can pull your lock out and adjust for height up and down to match your setup. Now, on the 2 inch shank models, you are going to have two holes to choose from.

In some instances your 2 inch hitches kind of sit further in underneath the bumper, that allows you to extend it out a little bit without sacrificing any of your weight capacity.Now with the different size shanks you're going to have different weight ratings to follow. Of course, you're never going to want to exceed the weight ratings for your vehicle, so go off whichever those sets of numbers are lowest.Now, the 180 ball mounts are designed to give really good adjustability. Being able to raise and lower the level of our ball is going to help us with a lot of different trailers, or if we want to use the ball mount on several different vehicles. Now, this allows for 1 inch incremental adjustment of our ball platform so we can raise and lower it to custom fit it to any situation we might encounter. We have them all the way down to a 10 inch drop up to an 11 inch rise, so we've really got all spectrums covered there.Weigh Safe has used really high quality materials. We've got T6061 aluminum, this is going to be solid block aluminum so we don't have any seams or any welds that we have to deal with. The same for the ball platform, it's the 6061, and we're also going to have our 2-5/16 and 2 inch stainless steel ball. These two materials are really going to do a great job at resisting corrosion, and you really shouldn't have any issues for the life of the hitch.Now, also included with your 180 ball mount, we've got the dual locking pin here. This locks our ball mount in position so it can't be moved up or down without us knowing it. Has a simple key lock here, we'll just turn that 180 degrees, see we're able to remove those pins. Simply let our ball mount come down off, we can switch that around into the 2 inch version, set it to our desired height, and now when you flip it your lock's going to go in on there other side so just keep that in mind. That's just a push it in until it clicks, make sure it's secure, and then just flip the cover right back on.Now, with the Weigh Safe ball mount you will need to provide your own pin and clip. Something we do recommend, however, making an investment like this is securing it to the truck. You can do that with part number WS05. That's going to be the Weigh Safe Locking Hitch Pin. That's going to work out for the 2, 2-1/2, or 3 inch ball mounts. Now, the 180's designed to fit the three major hitch sizes that we're going to encounter. We've got the 2 inch by 2 inch version, the 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 inch, and the 3 inch by 3 inch.Now, here's a good look at the different rise and drop combos available. We're going to have the 4 inch drop with the 5 inch rise, a 6 inch drop with a 7 inch rise, an 8 inch drop with a 9 inch rise, or a 10 inch drop with an 11 inch rise. Now, one thing to keep in mind when we're dealing with the 3 inch shank version, the rise and the drop will stay the same, so 6 and 6, 4 and 4, 8 and 8, 10 and 10. Now, the 180 ball mount also meets the criteria to be SAEJ684 certified and VESC regulation V5 compliant. Also, the 180 ball mount is made right here in the United States.Now let's take a minute to compare the 180 ball mount versus others that our customers look at. For a more cost effective option, very often they look at the Fast Weigh Flash E Series. This is going to be an adjustable ball mount. It's going to give you the 2 and the 2-5/16 inch ball. The biggest difference you're going to notice is that it has more of a chrome kind of a look to it, even though it is an aluminum mount, but the balls are chrome plated. These tend to rust and corrode more, whereas when we look at the 180 ball mount, it has the stainless steel ball, so we really won't have to worry about that.Also, your 180 hitch is going to use two pins to hold our ball mount in place, where the Fast Weigh just uses one. The biggest difference you'll see there with the single pin, all of the pressure's being placed on that one pin and over time they can wear. Whereas, with the two pin setup you're spreading that energy out over a greater area. Something else you're going to notice with the E Series is that it doesn't quite have the fit and finish that we get out of the 180. The 180, you can tell is really machined very well with close inaudible 00:07:53 to keep everything nice and tight. The Flash E Series is just going to be a little bit looser.Now, on the other end of the spectrum our customers often look at the Weigh Safe with the built in tongue weight scale. Essentially, this is going to give you all of the same functions that we get with the 180 hitch, it just offers the built in scale. This is going to add convenience when trying to get the proper tongue weight and comfort in knowing that you're loaded properly. The downside would be that both balls aren't attached to the ball mount at the same time, so when you're using your 2 inch ball, you'll need to store your 2-5/16 inch ball, and vice versa.Now, in taking a look at our customer reviews, there's several things that you'll notice right away. The first is everybody talks about how good the build quality is and how convenient it is to have. It's like Larry F. said, "This product is awesome. I can tow anything with it and it's easy to use. No more carrying six different ball mounts at different heights when I want to hook onto a trailer. I set it and done. I love it. If I ever thought I would need another one I would buy it. By the way, I have buddies that decided after seeing mine they could get a cheaper steel one, and they hate it. They all went and spent again for this one. Buy one and never have to buy another."Or Jim who said, "I wish I would have bought one of these years ago so I wouldn't have a whole collection of rusty ball mounts of different drop heights laying around. This one will never ruse, which is great for me because I trailer during the winter and my state uses salt on the roads. I have four trailers with different drops, it does it all, and I can turn it around so it doesn't stick out of the back which is now illegal in my state, so it solved that issue also." That'll complete our look at the Weigh Safe line of 180 hitch two ball mounts.

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