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WeatherTech Easy-On Stone and Bug Shield Deflector Review

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Review of the WeatherTech Easy-On Stone and Bug Shield Deflector

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the WeatherTech line of Easy-0n Stone Deflector and Bugs Shields. Now here's a look at one of the Easy-0n Bug Deflectors installed. Now these do a great job of following along exactly with the contours of your truck. And they can offer you a lot of protection for that paint up here on the leading edge. You can see it's kind of unique on our Tundra here. The way it really comes up, comes over, it's not blocking any of the ventilation here on the top of the hood.

And still helps to maintain a really good look while giving us a lot of protection.Now, just like on our Tundra here, all of these are designed to be an exact fit for your vehicle, so we're not just taking a universal piece of plastic and trying to bend it and flex it and make it work. This has been designed exactly, just like WeatherTech floor mats, they get an exact map of the front of the vehicle and they can help to ensure that it's going to fit each and every time.Now with this Easy-On system, installation is going to be very, very quick. In our case, it took us maybe five minutes. Two of those we're just cleaning the surface to make sure it was ready. Each application is going to be a little bit different, but generally if we look through the reviews and everything, think five to fifteen minutes is really going to be all the time you need to spend on it.Now to help that installation along, this is going to be, again, custom design, so this hole that's in this tab lined up perfectly with an already existing hole in the bottom side of our hood.

Now some people have given a few complaints about these. They call them screws, but basically what this is is it's just like a push pin fastener. So the outside is going to go in and then you'll push that center in, you really don't have to turn it with a screwdriver or anything like that. Eventually when it is all the way flush like this, you could continue to turn it. So it's not exactly like a screw in that it's threaded, so keep that in mind.

Some people have commented that they don't like the way these fasteners hold and they'll replace that center section with a steel, stainless steel screw of their own. It's kind of going to be up to you, but in our case anyway, on this Tundra, it seems to work out really well.Now also, you can see right along this bottom edge here, most applications you're going to have the double sided foam tape. That gives us a great hold. So while we're traveling down the highway, we don't have to worry about wind getting underneath here and lifting it up or causing any flex.Now, each of their deflectors are made from an aerospace grade acrylic. Acrylic is a very, very durable material.

They say this is something that's virtually indestructible and it's also really good at resisting scratches. And that's going to complete our look at the WeatherTech line of Easy-0n Stone Deflector and Bug Shields.

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