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WeatherTech 2nd Row Rear Floor Mat Review - 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Review of the WeatherTech 2nd Row Rear Floor Mat on a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we have a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado and we're going to be taking a look at a custom fit floor mat by WeatherTech. So this is going to be a big one-piece for the back end of your guys' Silverado. It is going to be a custom fit. So as you guys can see, it is going to mold and go underneath our chair right here. And that's going to be nice just because whenever you're sitting, for those longer folks, or people would like to stretch their legs, you're not going to get any dead spots and they're not going to be able to wiggle their way into touching the carpet with their nasty shoes.

This way we can go ahead and get as much as we want dirty and not really have to worry about the whole cleanup. The nice thing about it is usually I use my truck for a lot and I get it quite dirty, especially if I have people in my truck as well.So having one back here is definitely going to be awesome, and it is going to be able to just kind of collect all those spills and everything, kind of keep it contained so it's not going to eventually run off onto your carpet. Even if we did have a full bottle stain, it still will kind of channel over to the side here and then hopefully go out the door. But it is going to be a lot easier to clean up than carpet, let me tell you, especially with water spills and stuff like that. And even if you just get it a little dirty, it's really going to be a lot easier to clean it up if you do spill water.

Before you completely clean it up, might as well just go ahead and use it to clean up your floor mat. But as you guys can see, the material that this floor mat's made of is definitely going to keep all that nasty water out.So we do have a lot of other color options available. I just picked the black just because it kind of compliments the interior of my truck a little bit better. I just like the look, but it all just depends on what you guys think. Just go ahead and use our little fit guide up top, put your guys' vehicle in there and see all the color options that we are going to be able to have with this back cover.

So as you guys can see, it is black and it does have a very, very, very tough material. So if you guys are in the extreme climates, like really, really cold, really, really hot, we don't have to worry about this stuff, cracking, or even start to lose its shape, just because the molds that they use is going to hold up over time and it just looks good.So I just like it just because it molds all the way around everything and it just makes shifting and anything like that very, very obsolete. There's not going to be a whole lot of shifting, even though we don't really have any grips on the bottom. Usually you see some pegs or something like that, and it usually leaves marks on your carpet. This one, we really don't need it just because of the custom fit molding.

It just really hugs the interior of the Silverado.And it really is really simple to put these in, pretty much self explanatory. Just take it and obviously just find the right side, fold up your seats, and then just go ahead and push it all the way up. Watch everything kind of just mold into place, and we're pretty much done. One thing I would definitely add if you guys are going to be protecting the back, might as well protect the front, just because obviously there's going to be more times that you're going to be driving the truck and no one else is going to be in there. So might as well protect the front. We are going to have some custom mold floor mats for the front driver and passenger side. So I would definitely recommend grabbing the same color and grabbing these as well. And it's just going to be all in all a great choice to protect your guys' truck.

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