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WeatherTech Front Floor Mat Review

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Review of the WeatherTech Front Floor Mat

Let's take a look at my favorite floor mat. These are the WeatherTech front floor mats. So these are gonna be custom fit to your vehicle. Make sure you use our fit guide to make sure that the proper one for your vehicle is gonna be put in right in front of you. So why do I like these Well, look at the coverage we get. It's not only just where FICO, it's also back behind our pedals right here.

So for spills and stuff, everything's going to kind of condense right down here. But another thing that I like is that actually goes over the trim piece and it goes over the center, might as well cover everything. So all you have to do is really just clean your floor mats to clean your truck. It makes a lot easier and notice how, when it goes all the way over here, and it goes over a little trim piece, look at all that dirt right there. That is the dirtiest part of any vehicle, when it's carpet, it's even worse.

So if you want to completely, just not have to deal with that, it's all just going to go right here. So it's gonna make cleanup really easy. As you can see, we have a perfect mold here. So even if we didn't have these two little buttons right here, it's not really going to move around, but these buttons are nice addition. As you can see this snap right in to the little factory, rivets right there.

And all I going to do is just snap it in and you are good to go. You're looking for the best coverage The WeatherTech are always going to be the best coverage. They're not really fitting perfect right away, you just have to make sure and just put them in the car. Once the heat gets to them, it'll start to kind of settle down. It's made of a high density tri-extruded material.

So it has an inner plastic core, but it is kind of rubbery. So it's not gonna be too slippery, even after you use some products to clean it. Whenever you want to clean up stuff, if you don't have cleaning products, WeatherTech does make some, but I have cleaned cars my whole entire life. And I like to use Griot's Garage and we sell that too. So if you want to go with my favorite, go with Griot's. If not, just go with WeatherTech. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter really what you use. You can just use water if you wanted to. Just kind of wipe these down, just because all that dirt and grime isn't gonna really seep into it. And you can also just pull these out and just hose them off if you really needed to. All in all, if you want my favorite floor mat, the WeatherTechs are gonna be the way to go. I have it in my vehicle, both in the front and the back. So if you're doing stuff in the front, might as well just cover the back as well, just to make both sections of your truck easier to clean. And that's just about it for a look at the WeatherTech custom fit for our floor mates..

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