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WeatherTech Front Floor Liners Review - 2012 Ford Focus

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Review of the WeatherTech Front Floor Liners on a 2012 Ford Focus

Today on this 2012 Ford Focus were going to do a test fit of part number WT440751 from Weathertech. These are the floor liners for the front floor board. Were going to start off our test fit by removing the original floor mats. Were going to start off on the passengers side and then well go ahead and install the new Weathertech floor liner. Its very easy to install, well just lay it into place. You can see how it matches the contour of the floor, it has an edge that goes all the way around, and also goes halfway up the floorboard going toward the front.

Now well go ahead and check out the drivers side. Well remove the floor mat there and install the new liner. You can see how the new liner uses the original mounting point. It also has an edge that goes all the way around and matches the contour of the floor. It also covers up the foot rest and also goes up behind the pedals a little bit.

This is also available as grey, as part number WT460751 and tan as part number WT450751. A few other things to know about these floor liners is that they are designed to match the vehicle. The shape, the moldings and channels all help keep dirt and debris contained in the liner and not on your carpet. They can be easily cleaned with just soap and water. With that, that will finish it for our test fit of the Weathertech floor liners on our 2012 Ford Focus..