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Way Interglobal Greystone Outdoor Cast Iron RV Griddle Review

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Review of the Way Interglobal Greystone Outdoor Cast Iron RV Griddle

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're going to check out this griddle from Greystone. It's going to be portable. It runs on propane. You can take it with you.

If you don't have a lot of room inside of your rig you can cook outside and cook whenever you want on this griddle. I think it's really helpful to have that. That we got more space out here to work with, even cook on a nice breakfast on this griddle or whatever you want. Let's check it out. The top is made of a high quality cast iron make sure you season it before you use it but you've got a nice splash guard here along the sides just in case anyone tries to splatter while you're cooking it's not going to leak over and off and onto the table and let's get a measurement and how much space you actually have to work with.

Here we go from inside edge inside edge at 17 and a half from side to side. And then from front to back you're going to have about 15 inches of cooking space there. So any that liquid that's going to collect on here you can get right down in there and this is the grease trap. So it's all going to go in here and you can empty it out and dispose of it that now underneath there is a flame guard and it's going to be kind of a heat shield. So that way the heat, when you turn this on it doesn't transfer it to the table or service you're putting on because chances are, if you're camping you'll be using a plastic table or something like that.

And you don't want to call it to melt. So you've got that protection down there. So it's not going to cause any problems. Yeah. Four feet at the bottom there and get this up and off that table.

That's also going to help make sure there's no issues with the table and it's going to help prevent it too. You got all the vents here on the backside. All the hot air is going to come out there. So make sure you don't point this at your rig or at people where they're sitting but otherwise it's going to be able to vent there down here is the propane hookup. Now it is quick connect, easy to connect and disconnect. Just make sure you get the right cord for it. The propane hose, it doesn't come included. So just make sure you get the one side with a QuickNet and check the other side, or if your rig and what you need there. Up front, we've got the knob. I like that. It's pretty big. You also got the grips around the edge so it's not hard to turn the dial at all. Now you do have to push it in a little bit to turn it also the weight of the cast iron top really helps out. There's another one. That's a little bit lighter. So when you go to push us in, but push the whole grill back and it was kind of a pain you had to kind of hold on one hand and do it this way. This one's having enough to where you can't. You can say easily, turn this over and turn it back. Now you have all the instructions here on the side there of explaining how to use it. So I suggest you review those before you fire it up. But when you do go to fire it up, you can just turn the knob and like that that's going to start the gas. You probably can't hear it, but I got the microphone. And then you'll hear me turn, you'll hear a click. And that's the igniter. That's going to ignite that gas, the fire it up right there. Now it's fired up and it's warmed up the skillet. Now, if you ever wanted to take the off the top to do a nice, deep cleaning gonna remove the four screws on the side just like this, get those removed. These are all going to be open and you can lift off the top and remove it. Something else to consider is it has a max inlet gas pressure of 13 inches WC. And the BTUs rating is about 12,000. Overall, I really liked this griddle. I liked it. It's portable runs on propane. I like having that room saving in the rig bringing this all outside. It gives me more room out here for the table set out what I'm going to cook. I can use this right here and you just have that nice cast iron cooking with you, wherever you go. It's really going to improve your adventures. Well, thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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