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Way Interglobal Greystone Countertop Side by Side RV Griddle and Grill Review

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Review of the Way Interglobal Greystone Countertop Side by Side RV Griddle and Grill

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we'll be checking out this half and a half grill from Greystone. So it's going to be half griddle, half grill. So it's going to be awesome to take with you that way. If you want to prepare breakfast you can do it on the griddle side. Or if you want to throw some steaks or burgers in the evening, you can use this side.

The good thing about it, is it's cast iron on both sides. So it's really high quality. So it'll be great to cook on. Let's check it out. We're going to see the griddle side and the grill side.

I liked it them side by side. That way you don't have to switch anything around compared to the other one we worked with. There was another Greystone one that was a grill on the bottom and you would set the griddle on top to actually use it. That was nice. You got a little extra room but the thing that I really liked about this one is that both parts of this are cast iron.

So I really like cooking on that. I think that's going to just make everything taste better. So I prefer that I have the cast iron griddle or grill and griddle whenever I need them. Now, like I said. I said, you got a little bit more room on that other one.

Let's go ahead and measure the griddle and see how much room we actually have to work with. So from side to side, I'm gonna go inside inside to around 11 and a half inches. From front to back it's right there at 16 inches. So they're going to both be the same. So that's how much space you have on each one. So other things you might notice is the splash guard on here on the side. And it just keeps anything. If it's popping her in, it's going to just keep that on the inside and not shoot out to the out. But it also, when I use, easily just folds in. So that way, if you need to set it in a compartment that might not be tall enough you can get that down and take down some of that height. Then, come around to the front. You can see this is where all the grease and gunk are gonna go. down in that hole on the griddle. And then this is the grease trap here. You can take that and get rid of it. And then on the bottom for the whole thing you got this grease trap here too. So you can slide this out. Seems like it's caught on that side. There we go. You can slide that out, dispose that and clean it. And that's going to cover overall. But it also acts as a shield for the heat. So when the heat's coming down, like we've got this on the plastic table, you don't have to worry about it melting the plastic table. It's gonna to block that heat, to make sure it doesn't transfer onto the table. Around back, you can see the vents. Just a warning is where the heat is gonna come out. So I wouldn't point it towards your rig or people probably flip it the other way pointed away from you. That way the heat's not going against your rig or bothering anybody. Down here, you have the attachment point for the propane. I will say, make sure you get the correct hose for the grill and your rig. That way you can hook it up because it does not come with the hose. We're going to the front here. You can see the instructions on how to operate are right here on the side. The knobs, I like they're nice and big. And they got the grip around the outside. So it was easy to turn them. The other thing is that this thing's actually got some weight to it. So actually turning the knob. Doesn't it push the whole thing back. On some of the other ones, they're really light. So when you go to push this in you kind of push the whole grill back. This is heavy enough to where you can actually do that. And it's not a problem. So you can also work these all individually. So if you only want to use the grill you can just use this one. You don't have to fire them all up saving you on some propane. Now let's go ahead and fire it up. It's gonna push in on it, set over there. That's going to let the gas flow for just a little bit, and then I'll turn it. You'll hear a click and that'll be the igniter that should ignite it up. Just like that, it's running. So they also think about while you're cooking, is that it has a BTU rating of 10,000 So just keep that in mind. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the grill, you know, going into it. When I worked with a few of the other Greystone ones I didn't like the fact that it was half grill and half griddle. I thought that was kind of wasted space. But after working with this one I kind of liked this better. I don't like switching out that other part to you use the griddle. The griddles right here and installed. And like I said earlier, I just prefer a cooking on cast iron. So I think it was just going to work overall a lot better. Well, thanks for hanging out. And I hope this out..

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