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Wagan JumpBoost Jumper Cables and Starter Review

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Review of the Wagan JumpBoost Jumper Cables and Starter

Hi everyone. Adam from Today, we have a dead RV. The battery is the culprit completely dead, so let's hope that the Wagon JumpBoost Box can help us out. I came out to my RV this morning, tried to start it and literally nothing, no lights. So hopefully we're going to hook this up to our battery, and see if we can get this thing going.

We're going to connect our positive and our negative. Now that we have everything hooked up, we don't have to do anything else, but try and start her up. All right. We have beeping, so far so good. We have lights.Check that out.

Everything's good, I'm going to disconnect it. I'm going to go ahead and charge it, so it's ready for next time. What sets this jump box apart from most, not only is it going to be able to give a kickstart to our single cylinder machines, it's going to be rated all the way up to those big V10s that may be powering your motor home. So when it comes to charging our jump box, we have options. We have a nice storage container on the side here, which is always nice because I always lose my chargers.

It's nice to keep them with the component that charges. So we are going to get two different types. We are going to get our one 20 plug, but also we're going to get our cigarette lighter has well. So, you don't have to worry about charging this up overnight before you go on a trip. What we can do is actually plug it in here.And then we're going to use this to plug into our existing cigarette lighter.

You can charge it while you're going, just to make sure we're going to have this just in case we need it. We are also going to be able to plug into the outlet just at your home, and it's going to plug into that same charging jack. And we are going to be able to check the battery life of our jump box just by pressing this button, and it'll let you know if it's low power or high power. As of right now, we've got a fully charged box almost. Once this light illuminates, we should be ready to roll. So, our JumpBoost here thinks of all the Winter issues that you may run into, and one of them are flat tires. Luckily on the bottom, we do have an air hose. So you can grab that out. And all you really need to do, is place it on there, push that down, and then flip the switch.We have a dial here that's going to give us a reading on the pressure inside of our tires, and this will be able to pump up that pressure to about 150 PSI. This is also going to be very useful on the campsite. Whenever you have a basketball, or a couple of tires you want to air up on your bike, we will have included attachments to be able to pump up anything that holds air. We are going to have some USB jacks on here as well. And that's going to be great for charging your phone, as you can see, it's charging pretty well. And there are going to be 2.4 amps, but that is shared. So for plugging two phones in, we're not going to have 2.4 volts for each. We can also use our 12 volt outlet as well to charge these same way.This cell phone charger for instance, is going to take around 20 watts. On a fully charged battery, we are going to be able to charge for about 8.4 hours. We have a tool charger that's 15 Watts. That's going to be able to charge on a full battery around 11 and a half hours. A digital camera is twice that, which will give us 5.3 hours of charging. Also, a 13 inch color TV, is going to take around 70 Watts. That will be a shy of two hours worth of power. A laptop, probably is going to be around one and a half hours. And whenever you run into any issues and you need this jump box, and if it's at night, we do have a COB LED light on the front, and it is relatively bright. So it's definitely going to be able to shed some light on the situation.So our battery cables here are going to be 21 inches to our clamps into the very end, 26 and a half. Underneath our air hose, we are going to have two feet of that. So you can have plenty of room to set this down by your tire and air it up. If you're shopping for a jump box, just to let you know we did compare it to the PEAK Performance Jump Box. And the difference is, our jump box here by Wagon is going to have 1200 amps. When comparing that to the peak performance jump box, it is only going to be about 900. So this is definitely going to be the best bet when you're looking for amperage. Also, we will be able to air tires with this one as well. Peak performance does not have that feature. This one does come with two USBs to charge two devices at the same time.Again, PEAK Performances jump box does not do that, but both do have the capacity to start your vehicle. This one is rated for a V10, so if you have a bigger motor, this is probably going to be your better bet. So whether you are starting your car with a dead battery, airing up some flat tires, or if you're doing it day or night, the jump boost is definitely going to take care of all your winter problems you may run into. So go to and grab one, just in case something like this happens to you..

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