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Ventline Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor Review

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Review of the Ventline Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor

Today we're going to be taking a look at the vent line replacement 12-volt D/C fan motor. Part number BBD0218-00. To help us out with our install, we're going to be using a female spade terminal connector, part number DW01899-1. This is going to be a direct replacement for the fan motor on your Ventline Ventadome, and Vanair roof vents. Model numbers V2094, V2119, and finally VP-143. Over time, fan motors can burn out.

This will allow you to replace the van motor without replacing the whole assembly. If you're replacing an older model fan motor, you may need to pick up a new fan. You can find that with part number BVD0215-00. It's a one-point-two amp, 13.6 volt D/C motor, and it runs off your RV's power. I've got a vent assembly here today. We'll go ahead and show you how to replace the van motor.

All you're going to need is a Philip's head screwdriver, and some crimpers. Inside your RV, all you need to do is remove your screen, we've got these little tabs that we can push out on, and it just pops up. We'll set that aside. Then, we can just pull off the fan. It's pressure-fit, so you may have to give it a good tug. It can help to maneuver it back and forth as you're pulling on it, then it just pops off.

Then we can just remove the two screws holding our motor in place. Then, we can remove the motor from the mount. We'll bring it around and turn it over, and then disconnect our wires. Now, you may or may not need to replace your wires, but if you do, the kit comes with two. On one end, we've got three sauntered spade terminals that connect to your motor. On the other end, the black wire, you'll need to provide your own female spade terminal.

To replace the wires, you can either leave this tray assembly in place, or you can take it off, which will make it a lot easier. If you end up taking it off, you'll need your Philip's head screwdriver. Let's go ahead and take that knob on off. With it loose, just pull up, set that aside. For our tray here on each one of these ends, all we have to do is kind of squeeze it together and it pops right off. We've got some teeth that it connects to on either side, and we can simply turn it over and it's a lot easier to work with. Now, for our switch, one wire will be connected to our RV's power. The other wire is the one that runs to the motor. This is the one that you'll need to replace. Add on the new spade terminal, crimp it down, and then reconnect it. The white wire is run to the ground in our RV. You might have to disconnect it to replace it. Now, let's put the motor back in. Now, if your model is a little bit different than ours, it comes with a mounting plate and some hardware, but we won't be needing that. We'll just take our new motor, then we'll want to connect our wires. It's got a red dot here for the power side, which is going to be our black. Clip It on, like so, and then we'll do the same for our ground. Then, we can take the motor, we'll line it up with the holes here. Then, we can either reinstall our old screws if they fit, or take our new screws and put those in. Now we can reinstall our fan. Now, the fan just simply pushes in place. Before we install our screen, it's a good idea to test it out. Works great! With our screen back in lace, we're all set. That's going to complete our look at the Ventline replacement 12-volt D/C fan motor. Part number BVD0218-00.

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