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Valterra RV Wheel Covers Review

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Review of the Valterra RV Wheel Covers

Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at and today we are looking at our Valterra all weather RV wheel covers, here at etrailer. The great option especially if you want to park your camper, your RV and you want to protect your tire from rust and sun damage. We have the tire cover that fits a 30 inch tire. Like what we have here if you're not sure which tire cover works for you just measure from the top to the bottom. And that'll give you a range to work with.

We have from 24 to 26, all the way up to 33 to 35. Now this works for individual or single axle, tires and wheels. If you have a tandem axle we also have tire covers that work with that. This is made of a water resistant vinyl cover. And what that does is it protects your tire and your wheel from damage.

Let's say from the sun especially with the UV rays coming down. If your wheel is sitting there for a long time you want to make sure you protect it from that UV damage and prevent any cracks from forming in your wheel and your tire. With its water resistant vinyl it's also helpful when it rains or when you have snow because you don't want rust building in your wheel, as well as having snow around your tire is not the best experience. This comes in a set of two, so one for each side. So the outside you have that waterproof vinyl and on the inside you have this cotton lining, which feels nice.

It feels plush, but it also helps grip onto your tire so that it doesn't get blown away in the wind. I recommend these wheel covers, especially if you are storing your RV and your camper. If you have maybe an off season from traveling and you wanna make sure everything stays and span and nice and protected, this is a good option for you. This is one of your more basic wheel covers. Due to how they have the elastic design in the back.

If you want something a little more premium we also have options for that as well. To install this on your wheel, all you needed to do is put it over your wheel. So make sure that the elastic portion is facing the back and just put it around. So I do like that elastic design 'cause then it's pretty easy to maneuver as I find the best fit on my wheel. Now make sure you're using the proper cover size to match your wheel's diameter. You have a good fit right here. This tire cover comes with a little elastic cord with a ball at the end, and this will go through the hoops inside your tire cover and we'll help get the best fit around your tire as well as prevent it from being blown off. It's relatively easy. Just put the loop in through one side and draw that tight and throw it far as you can around your tire to pick up on the other side, then put it through the hole on the other side, like that let's grab that. And you just move through the hole and attach it to the ball on the other side and pull it tight. From here you can see how it secures your wheel cover to your wheel. Attaching the elastic cord behind the wheel is the only slightly difficult thing I find with this process. Will be a lot easier though if you have a friend who can grab it from the other end or if you use maybe a hook and a rope to bring it through other than that, your install is complete. And that was a look at our Valterra all weather RV wheel covers here at

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