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Valterra Dog Life Jacket Review

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Review of the Valterra Dog Life Jacket

Well, we're at our favorite spot. Maura loves to take a dip in the water, but sometimes we're here a long time. So one, I like to have the reflectors just in case we're here at night and also just having something red, 'cause she kind of blends in to nature, as you can see, she's like a wild animal. So there is three different sizes. I just grabbed the larger one and the medium one. So the medium one's gonna be from 20 to 40 pounds, and then this one's gonna be 40 to 70 pounds.

And that's obviously the weight of your dog. But Maura kinda falls in this weird little in-between. So she's about 45 pounds, about 48 on a good day. So we're gonna see exactly which one's gonna fit her. I don't want to put too much on her, but I also don't want her to sink, you know.

She can swim, but when you get fatigue, these dogs, it's kinda nice for them to be able to chill out for a little bit. So all you really need to do is just grab your pup. Maura, come here. Undo this and basically, come here, Maura. So basically you just go like this.

Spin her around and make sure everybody can see you, Maura. Then go like that, we have a little clip for the neck and then, of course, down here. So this one is gonna be a little tight on her. It doesn't really go all the way around. So I think for her comfort, I might just go ahead and grab the bigger one.

So let's see what that looks like. Just undo that, just like that. You're a good girl. So now we'll take this one, Maura, come here. Same exact deal. Good puppy, all right, so. With this one, it's definitely gonna be big enough. What do you think, Maura Tighten it up a little bit. Okay, strap that in pretty snug. And we'll tighten up the rest with this strap. Just like that. All right, Maura, are you comfy Are you comfy So one, can I pick up a 45 pound dog with it I can, so that kinda works. What do you think, Maura What do you think All right, so we're completely submerged. And you're floating. You're floating. Look at that. See, see you love it. Good job, Maura. So I usually don't get her in the water much. She doesn't really like to swim. She doesn't have the webbed feet or anything. But she just went around and kinda swam around on her own. She seems a lot more comfortable. She realizes that she has more of her body outside of the water, which I like. So she's not just sitting there with their head up trying to paddle. So this way, if you're just training your dog to kinda like the water, this is gonna be a great way do that, so they feel a bit more safe. So a couple of things I like about it. One, if we're paddle boarding, kayaking, or even just on the lake with a boat. It's really easy to evenly pick up your dog. She seems pretty comfy, so obviously I'm not hurting her. And the cool thing about this is, obviously, the reflectors. So if you're at night, of course, they're gonna be able to see a bright red. And it is made of a durable nylon fabric. So it's not really gonna scratch up over time. It's kinda like a life jacket, but just for dogs. So it will float, it will resist against all that water. And it'll dry out pretty quickly, 'cause underneath we have a nice netted material. So whenever I'm washing Maura, a lot of times everything up here is nice and dry, but underneath doesn't dry off as quickly. So with this, it's gonna help keep that air flow going. It's just a little bit less material, kinda comfy and breathable down low. So she'll be comfy and she'll dry out good too. Whenever you're done, all you really gotta do is just go like this, a couple clips, undo the hook and loop at the bottom and you're free. But she really, if she was uncomfortable, she'd let me know. And it kind of seemed like she kinda liked it. You want me to put it back on That's basically it. So just go ahead and get an idea of how big your dog is, which one's gonna be best for you. If anything, if they can deal with the bigger one, so they're a little bit more out of the water, I would definitely recommend going bigger than smaller, just because they'll be a little bit more comfortable. This can adjust quite a lot, but also, ultimately, we just want them to be able to float. So we want to have enough buoyancy to displace your dog. I think she liked it. She really would let me know if she didn't. And I think this is gonna keep her in the water a little bit longer, so she can have a nice long nap when we get home. Again, this was the Valterra pet life jacket. And I'm Adam with etrailer and this is Maura..

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