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Valterra Double Diner Bowls Review

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Review of the Valterra Double Diner Bowls

So, we're going out to the creek, we want to make sure we have food, 'cause we might be out there for awhile. So to give you an idea of how much food we're gonna be able to fit in each different section, I'm just using a fair cup, it's a pretty standard measurement. So Mora here usually eats about one of these during the day, so this is about the first half of the trip. Goes in there like that. And we still have a lot of room, really, before we start overflowing. So I'm just gonna put a full day's worth of food in there, just like that.

And that's a full day of food, so she should be good. I don't plan on staying out there. But, closes up, and we are pretty much good to go. I see you, I see you. So once that's done, I'm just gonna put this in here.

We can do it for two dogs, but I'm only gonna bring Mora down there, but I am gonna put some treats in there just in case she's a good girl. There you go. So now we have plenty more room for treats, but she doesn't need all those treats. So once we do that, you can go ahead and zip it all up to get one unit. I can put this in my backpack, and we can head out.

So I never really know when she's hungry, she usually just eats when she wants to, and of course, she'll always take a treat. But with this, it's nice because you're not just taking a whole scoop and laying it out and hoping they eat it. If you're on the campsite or even around here, bugs are gonna find it. But with this, it's kinda nice, whenever she's done, I can go ahead and tighten this up. And then this is on the top half too, so we don't have to worry about it getting eaten up by bugs.

And you can put it in the backpack, and my backpack does get a decent, decently wet majority of the time. So with this, you don't really have to worry about it. It is waterproof, so that's a big thing with me, 'cause you never know what kinda weather you're gonna get, you're never gonna know what's gonna go on. So with this, you don't have to worry about the food that you bring your pets, running out or getting ruined by the ants or the water. That's always a plus, just because, if you're over landing somewhere and you don't want to run out of food for them, 'cause that'll kinda end your trip pretty quick. Here you go. So like I said, whether she wants to eat off the ground or in here, it's just a good way to bring the food along with you and protect it as well, so you can keep your pets nice and well fed. So our top bowl, which is the one that has the drawstring on it, that one's gonna be about 4 1/2 inches tall and about 6 1/4 inches in diameter, about four inches deep. And then the bottom bowl, right here, it's gonna be the same exact thing just stacked on top. So 4 1/4 tall, 6 1/4 diameter, and four deep. And like I said, this is literally a full day of food for the dog, so if you do have two, it's gonna be one full day for that. But if you have a smaller dog, it's gonna definitely last them a couple days. It'll stay nice and fresh in here. So I always like doing that so it doesn't go stale. And that'll do it for a look at the Valterra Double Diner Dog Bowls. I'm Adam with e-trailer, and this is Mora..

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