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Valterra RV Sewer System Elbow DWV Fitting Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Valterra RV Sewer System Elbow DWV Fitting

Hi there, RV-ers. Today we're going to be taking a look at Valterra's line of ABS elbow fittings. We're here underneath our trailer where we needed to reroute our pipe around our new suspension system. And we're going to be using these elbows to do that rerouting. These elbows are going to be great for any rerouting like we're going to be doing here or if you have any damaged pipe that you need to replace.These elbows come in 90 degrees or 45 degrees. And with the double female one, you can get that in a slightly shorter length for a sharper turn.

These are available in either inch and a half or three inches. Typically the inch and a half is for gray water and the three is for your black water. We're going to be using the inch and a half today. And we've already cut our pipe here. We've made sure to cut it as clean and as square as possible.

And you want to remove any burrs. Just use your hand to remove those.You could also hit it with a piece of sandpaper if they're really rough and you can't knock them off. Once you've got the area you're going to be working with set up, we can go ahead and clean the area. We're just going to use some alcohol. And we want to clean both ends of the pipe we're going to be working with.

Make sure that's clear of any debris. And we also want to do the inside of our pipe.Now that we've got everything clean, we can open up our glue. We're going to be using ABS adhesive, which you can get here at because this is ABS material here, both our pipe and our elbows are. If you are doing some repairs or rerouting, you will likely need some pipe as well. You can get ABS pipe at an RV store, because it is ABS and it needs to be ABS in order to properly seal with the rest of your system.

ABS is also a very durable plastic, so it's perfect for out here in the elements.We'll then take our adhesive. We're going to smear some on the inside of our fitting and we also want to smear some on the outside of our pipe that we're going to be attaching it to. We'll try to get it all the way around. Once you've got it on both sides, while it's still wet, we're going to take the two pieces and we're going to push them together. Now at this point you would want to hold them together until it dries. It does take about three minutes to dry, but since we're going to need to go bring another elbow back into this piece, we're going to make that attachment here as well.I'm going to hurry up and get this side done while everything's wet, so it'll be a little bit easier to maneuver it all. We need to make sure we're doing both ends of each piece. And this one's female, this one's male, so they're going to fit together. We can go ahead and line those up and get them all pushed together.And then while we got it all together, we want to just hold it together. And we're just going to hold it here for a couple of minutes until it dries. It does take about three minutes to get to the point where it is solid and handleable. We're just going to hold it until that point. Now, if your pipes are already tightly pushed together, you don't need to hold it together, but if they're not, then you're just going to want to hold it and tough it out. And that completes our look at Valterra's line of ABS elbow fittings.

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