UWS Underbody Toolbox Review

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Review of the UWS Underbody Toolbox

Today were going to take a look at UWS Underbody Tool Box, part number UWS04021. This box is built here in the USA using .08-inch aluminum tread plate. UWS also covers the box with a one-year warranty. The box has 18 cubic feet of usable storage space. It measures 96 inches by 18 inches wide and 18 inches high. The door openings measure 42-1/2 inches long by 13 inches high.

Theres a foam gasket to help the door seal against the box and protect the contents inside. Theres a water channel that goes around the opening that helps prevent water from getting inside. Along the doors, a full length piano hinge that makes opening the door nice and easy. There are two support cables on each door to hold them flat while theyre open. There are T-latch handles that close the doors and theyre also lockable so you can protect the contents of your box.

Thats it for our review of UWS Underbody Tool Box, part number UWS04021.

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