UWS Crossover Style Toolbox Review

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Review of the UWS Crossover Style Toolbox

Today were going to review the UWS Toolbox part number UWS00116. This is a Crossover style toolbox. The box sits on the bedrails on each side and crosses over the width of the bed. The box is made in the USA using 0.063 aluminum tread plate. It has 8.6 cubic feet of storage space and it measures 69 inches long, 9 inches wide and 13 inches high. Its covered by a one year warranty.

The j-bolt hardware used for installation is included. The box has fully welded seams all the way around. There are two stainless steel locking latches that secure the lid to the box. It has a patented foam filled lid that provides insulation and protection from the elements. The structural foam also helps reinforce the shape of the lid.

It has a dust barrier around the lid to help keep dirt and debris out of the box. It uses heavy duty gas cylinders to help lift the lid and hold it open at a full 90 degrees. And theres a full length piano hinge along the back. And thats it for our review of the UWS Crossover Style Toolbox part number UWS00116.

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