UWS Toolbox Rubber Mat Liner Review

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Review of the UWS Rubber Mat Liner for Toolboxes

Today, were going to review and install the UWS Toolbox Liner, part number TOOLBOXLINER. The Toolbox Liner is designed to fit in the bottom of your truck bed tool box. The inside of our tool box has the spring and liner-type material thats great for protecting the box. However, our tool cases will still slide around in it barely easily. The liner measures 16-3/4 inches wide by 61-1/4 inches long. The width on our box liner is fine for a particular box.

However, the length, we need to trim down to about 58-3/4 inches. Well go ahead and measure out our liner, mark it where we need to cut it, and then use a pair of scissors to remove the excess. Once weve done that, were ready to go ahead and drop it back in our box. Well put our toolbox back into place. With the grippy rubber surface of the mat, our tools and gear inside the box will stay in place a lot better.

And that does it for our install and review of UWS Rubber Mat Liner for toolboxes, part number TOOLBOXLINER.

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